The travel blanket that will change the way you pack for your next trip!

Are you ready for summer? School is already out in my neck of the woods, and we are preparing for summer travel. We’ve got a big trip planned, and it includes a trip on an airplane with very limited luggage space. We’re getting creative about what we are taking on our trip. Since necessity is … Read More

The simple seat belt hack that saves your neck!

Spring is here at last. Goodbye, sweaters and turtlenecks. Hello, t-shirts! Unfortunately, a familiar pain in the neck comes with the t-shirts. (Literally.) The seat belt always irritates the skin around my neck and shoulder where the t-shirt just doesn’t quite cover. Does that happen to you, too? How about to your kids? I’ve got … Read More

Turn any surface into a Lego table in minutes!

We have an addiction at my house. It’s Legos. My kids cannot get enough Legos! I have finally put my foot down and said no more, but I still need a place for the kids to play with the Legos they already own. We’ve always wanted a Lego table, but we don’t have the space … Read More

How I Tamed Our Lego Disaster

Do you live in a family of Lego addicts? I do. Legos are totally fun, but they can be so messy! It seems like they’re always under foot. They get stuck in the carpet and turn up in the strangest places! This summer, I tamed the kids’ Lego mess with a super simple DIY Lego Tray. Seriously, you … Read More

Get organized in 2018!

We just finished a fun week with family for Christmas. Since we live near my parents, we stayed at home while the rest of the clan bunked with my parents. We had a great time, but our house is upside-down from running back and forth without paying attention to keeping anything clean. I’m afraid that’s … Read More

Organize and Save Space with Easy Puzzle Storage

Recently, I shared a fun and easy puzzle busy bag idea. Guess what? That same concept works great for organizing puzzles and saving space. I used to have a shelf full of puzzle boxes.  No more! Now the contents of that shelf fits into one small bin. Even better, the kids can easily grab the puzzle … Read More

How to Keep Kids from Becoming Pack Rats

I’m having such a great time dejunking my home this week. Have you joined my #SpringDeJunkChallenge yet? It’s not too late. Just completing a little bit every day makes a huge difference. On Monday, I shared my decluttering tips for kids, and today I’m sharing how we plan to stay junk free. If your home is … Read More

Decluttering Tips for Kids

Welcome to Day 1 of the Spring De-Junk Challenge. I hope you start the challenge with me today and begin putting your home in order. I’m thrilled to get started. (We can baby step together and get a little bit done each day.) To get you on the right track, I’m sharing my decluttering tips for kids. I’ve got … Read More

Why I Choose to Store Food {Nitro-Pak Giveaway!}

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? Being prepared is important at my house, so today I’m sharing my ideas about food storage. And, if that’s not enough, I also have an awesome giveaway for you from Nitro-Pak to get you started on your own food storage!  (Scroll to the end for details.) … Read More