Decluttering Tips for Kids

Welcome to Day 1 of the Spring De-Junk Challenge. I hope you start the challenge with me today and begin putting your home in order. I’m thrilled to get started. (We can baby step together and get a little bit done each day.) To get you on the right track, I’m sharing my decluttering tips for kids.

I’ve got more challenge details, inspiration from other bloggers, and giveaway news at the end of the post, so be sure to read to the end!

If you have a house full of pack rats, you must see these decluttering tips for kids! {} Spring De-Junk Challenge

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We have a problem at my house. My children are little pack rats. They save anything and everything that they think is cool, pretty, or interesting. (Rocks, valentines, empty boxes, stickers, broken crayons . . . you get the picture!) They have little piles of “treasures” everywhere.

On Saturday, we started a massive dejunking initiative, and we were able to transform our favorite storage lockers back to their former glory. (Whew. It was rough!) I never want that much stuff in one place again!

If you have a house full of pack rats, you must see these decluttering tips for kids! {} Spring De-Junk Challenge

We got one area down, but we still have lots to go. So, how do you get started, and how do you keep the junk from collecting again and again?

Decluttering Tips for Kids

  1. Pick one area and stick with it. Don’t try to do the whole house at once, or you’ll all be frustrated. Baby steps. (Our locker area actually included three separate spots to dejunk — the buckets on top, the hanging area, and the shoe baskets on the bottom. Tackling all three in one morning was almost too much. Thanks to Grandma for stepping in and helping out.
  2. Use a 3 bucket system:  Keep It / Toss It / Donate It or Garage Sale It
  3. Don’t put things away as you go. The kids will get worn out running around the house, and you might just lose them to a distraction they find as they’re traveling. Use buckets or baskets for the separate piles and a trash can for the trash. Sorting is actually kind of fun!
  4. Use the buddy system. Most kids under 10 will need a buddy to keep them motivated and on task. Set aside some time to sit next to your child and help them go through their things.
  5. Ask questions. As you and your child sort items, ask lots of questions to help them decide which pile is the right place for each item.
    • Do I still love it?
    • Is it broken?
    • Is it missing pieces?
    • Do I ever play with it?
    • Do I have a place to keep it?
  6. Sort the keep pile again. Now that the kids are in the mood to dejunk, they might change their mind about much of what they decided to keep.
  7. Put everything away. Make sure your child puts everything in the keep pile away in it’s proper place. (Guess what? They’ll probably get rid of even more. Sometimes it’s easier to trash it than to find a place for it.)
  8. Don’t pass it on! Resist the urge to let the kids pass junk that they want to throw away on to their younger brothers and sisters. If possible, don’t let the other kids even see what is being thrown out or given away. (My youngest has been known to dumpster dive in her sister’s trash can to save treasures which then end up in her own junk pile down the road.)

If you have a house full of pack rats, you must see these decluttering tips for kids! {} Spring De-Junk Challenge

Make a public area look tidy by moving messy items to a new home

What do you do about those things that the kids want and should keep, but that just never look neat? My 13-year-old daughter solved this problem on her own when she moved her messy items to a newly reorganized closet. Check out the difference!

If you have a house full of pack rats, you must see these decluttering tips for kids! {} Spring De-Junk Challenge

First, she got rid of a lot of junk (you just can’t skip that step). Then, she moved the messy items — the jewelry and collections — to a shelf in her closet. She hung the long necklaces over the hanging bar, which made her jewelry tree look much neater. An old book shelf became a place for her collections. Isn’t she brilliant? I love that she thought of it on her own.

Come back on Friday for Decluttering Tips for Kids, Part 2: Keeping Your Kids from becoming Pack Rats. {Once you get the kids to dejunk, how do you keep them from collecting more?}

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for . . .

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Spring De-Junk Challenge. Organizing and cleaning your home is much more fun with a friend, so join us, and let’s get de-junking!

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Today is Day 1 of our 10-Day Challenge to Clean, Organize and De Junk Your Home for Spring

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  1. Heidi, I LOVE all these amazing tips! Thanks for sharing

  2. Great tips Heidi! We de-junk the kids rooms every birthday and Christmas and these will help me make it easier! Thanks!

  3. Where did you pick up that amazing blue locker for everyone’s things? I have five kids and that would work perfectly.

    • I made it, Wendy! Check out my DIY Storage Lockers post for details. There’s a link at the end of the post (with the links that go with the final collage image), and a link inside the post in the second paragraph under the main image.

  4. Great job on your decluttering! We’ve been really working hard on moving clutter to less visible areas as well. It makes life so much less stressful for mommy!
    Thanks for sharing with Waste Not Want Not Wednesday!

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