Frozen Olaf Valentines {Free Printable}

Valentine--You're Worth Melting For / Frozen Olaf {} Build a Snowman Frozen Valentine Idea and Printable

Ever since we saw Disney’s Frozen on the day of a huge blizzard, my kids have been singing the songs 24/7. (So have I!)  It was such a magical movie.  It’s no wonder my kids want to give Frozen Olaf Valentines this year!

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Because the Olaf version of this treat involves cutting marshmallows in half, I made two different versions for you to try. One version looks like Olaf and the other looks like a regular snowman. The second is a little more give-away friendly.

Valentine--You're Worth Melting For / Frozen Olaf {} Build a Snowman Frozen Valentine Idea and Printable

Adorable Snowman Valentines

To make the first version (Olaf), you will need giant campfire marshmallows, regular marshmallow, and mini marshmallows.  The second version uses only mini and regular-sized marshmallows.

For Olaf, start with mini marshmallows for the feet.  Cut a giant marshmallow in half for the body. Cut a regular marshmallow in half for the torso and head.  Finish with some pretzel arms, M&M buttons, candy corn nose and mini chocolate chip eyes.  If you are worried that cutting the marshmallows in half makes the treat a little too sticky, simply use all regular marshmallows.

Valentine--You're Worth Melting For / Frozen Olaf {} Build a Snowman Frozen Valentine Idea and Printable

If you want the M&Ms to stick to the marshmallows, place a tiny dab of frosting on the back.  Otherwise, they will slide to the bottom of the bag.  They may slide to the bottom of the bag anyway, though!  I don’t think the kids will mind.

Believe it or not, those are not expensive treat bags.  The other day, I accidentally purchased some snack-sized bags at Walmart that were vertical instead of horizontal.  Although they make crummy snack bags (I don’t know anyone who’s hand will fit inside the top of the bag), they make great treat bags!

Download Here

Want to try out these Valentine treats for yourself? Download the free printable by clicking on the download image with the three dots below.

Click here to download the Frozen Olaf Valentine Printable

If these valentines take a little more time then you had planned, try simple Frozen Valentine instead. (Click on the image to visit the post.)

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*Olaf snowman images come from

The font I used is called “Wish I Were Taller,” and can be found here for free on Kevin and Amanda.


  1. Very cute! My kids loved Frozen as well! These are super cute but I don’t have any candy corn!

  2. This is SO cute! You are so creative. My kids will love this. Pinning!

  3. When you cut the large marshmallow in half couldn’t you dip the cut side in powdered sugar? Or maybe let the marshmallow dry for a bit and then dust them in sugar. May not work but worth a try.

    • Yes, Bonnie. You definitely could do that. I actually did try that. The extra powdered sugar made the bag look a little messy, so I stopped doing it. Maybe I just needed to dust off the excess better. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this is adorable! Going to make them for my grandkids!

  5. I love your frozen idea! Thank you for sharing. One thing thou. When I tried downloading I can’t. Could you make into another format that is not zip? Please I really would love to make this with my daughter!

    Thank you,

    Maria Cabello

  6. These are seriously ADORABLE! We also have the Frozen soundtrack on repeat and I know my kids will flip when I make these for them. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  7. I LOVE these! So cute and creative – thank you so much for the downloadable option! I saw some on Etsy for $5 – I appreciate yours and they are just as adorable!

  8. totally adorable

  9. My daughter is having a Frozen BDAY party a few days before Valentine’s Day, so I think I will do this instead of goodie bags. It’s adorable!

    Now where to find candy corn….

  10. What a sweet idea. My daughter told me yesterday that she wants to have a Frozen party. We loved the movie. I’d love for you to share this at my weekly link party. Hope to see you there!

  11. Those are so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing them with us at Best of the Weekend. I wish there had been blogs back when my kids were in school, my daughter would have loved these. :)

  12. Such a super cute idea Heidi! My little guy saw this and knew immediately what it was; he loved it! We may just have to make some of these soon! It’s funny because both of our boys are insistent that they didn’t like Frozen because it was scary but they talk about it all the time! Go figure! :)

  13. This is a super cute idea. I think I’ll do these with my 1st grade daughter with this on the tag: “If you’ll be my Valentine, I’ll be a…. Happy Snowman!” My kids LOVE that line from Frozen. :) thanks for the great idea!

  14. I absolutely LOVE these. They are adorable. My girls are obsessed with Frozen and these would make the perfect Valentines for their school parties, however their schools require them to take Valentines that only have From: on them. Is there any way to get a version with the To: taken off? Please and Thank you.

    • I’m glad you like these, Carrie. I’d love to personalize my printables for everyone that asks, but I just don’t have the time. I would suggest leaving the “To” blank or covering it with a small sticker.

  15. Thank you so much for these, we’ll be making them. Are the m&ms regular size or mini?

    • They are mini, Heidi. They will just slide off the marshmallows unless you stick them with frosting. If the whole idea is a melted snowman, then I figure it doesn’t matter if the pieces all end up mixed up in the bag. I stuck mine for the picture, but I don’t think I’d take the time if I were making tons.

  16. WOW is this cute! I can’t wait to make them with my son for his pre-school class.
    I just want to make sure I will have what I need.

    3 different sizes of marshmallows
    candy corn

    Did you do anything to get the small marshmallows (feet) to stick to the bottom marshmallows?

    any other tips? suggestions?

    I am so excited!

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Donna. That’s right. You can stick the m&ms on with frosting, but I wouldn’t worry about it. The whole idea is a melted snowman, so it’s okay if the pieces get all mixed up. None of the marshmallows are stuck together.

  17. Super cute! You can never go wrong with marshmallows! Thanks for linking to Family Fun Friday.

  18. If my kids see these, there will be NO SETTLING for any other Valentine.. they love Frozen so much! Thanks for the printable!

  19. Thank you so much! These Olaf Valentines are adorable.

  20. Thank you for linking up to the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party Last week. Hope to see you and your Awesome ideas tomorrow night at 7EST!


  21. So fantastic :)

  22. This is so cute! I have a niece who would LOVE this for Valentine’s Day! Pinning right now :) Thanks for sharing


  23. Your being featured today on the Foodies & Crafties Soiree link party!

  24. Thank you for the idea! These are absolutely adorable! Will definitely be making these with my granddaughter!

  25. Oh my gosh, so cute. I took my nieces and nephews to this movie and Olaf was their favorite character. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea!!

  26. These are so cute! Thank you for sharing the idea. I would love to make these for my daughters to take into school. Would you be willing to share the file in a different format? I’m unable to print the zip file.

    • Hi, Rachael.

      All of my downloads are in zip format because that is the only format my website supports. Zip files are very common, and all computers should be able to open them. The file you want to print is inside the zip file. If you are unsure how to open it, this tutorial may be helpful: How to Use Zip Video Tutorial.

      Please let me know if you still need help.

    • Hi, Rachael. Since so many people are having trouble with the zip file, I have changed the download link. Now, if you click on it, it should open a pdf of the file that you can then print. Hope that helps!

  27. These are great, my little girl will love them! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Love this Heidi! I am totally doing this for my daughter’s class!!

  29. Meaghan Belliveau says

    The Olaf Valentine’s are awesome! I absolutely LOVE them <3 I will be sharing your link for sure :)

  30. Hi Heidi, I just love those. Really a wonderful idea! I will definitely do this for my kid! Thank you.

  31. That is so cute! I think my grandsons would love it! They really loved the movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have been told lots of times that I really need to. Have to put it on my list.

  32. Love the frozen Olaf valentines. Every time I go to download the free printable it doesn’t work. Could you help me please

  33. Sorry about that Jennifer. The download is a zip file. The image is inside the zip file. Does any file come up at all when you try to download? Trying a different browser may help.

  34. Nothing happens when I click the link . Maybe you can email it to me ?

  35. Where in the store did you find these snack bags? I’ve looked and can’t find them. Thanks

    • Hi, Sara. They are Walmart brand snack bags, and they are called “Portion Pack Bags.” They must be right be the regular snack bags, because I actually grabbed them by mistake. They say “Snack” on the box as well. Warning–they do have white writing on one side (portion sizes), but I didn’t care. I don’t think the kids will care either! I hope you find them!

  36. how come there is none for the mouth should I use twizzler ?

    • Hi, Carole. There isn’t a mouth because the mouth on the character of Olaf from Frozen is just made out of snow. If you want to add a mouth–go for it! A little snip of licorice might be perfect.

  37. I just made these! I used the printable, but a few things differently–

    -I left the pieces free and did not cut any of the marshmallows
    -On the printed part, I wrote, “Do you want to build a snowman?”

    It turned out soooo cute!! Thanks for the idea!!

  38. Thank you for the great idea. My son drew his own picture of olaf since he loves to draw and I used his picture on the tag. We wrote “good friends are worth melting for”. For my daughters tag we put a picture of Elsa and wrote ” do you want to build a snowman?” So perfect!

  39. I love this idea although can’t get it to print . Could you Putin another format besides zip? Thanks so much!!

    • Hi, Lori. Since so many people are having trouble with the zip file, I have changed the download link. Now, if you click on it, it should open a pdf of the file that you can then print. Hope that helps!

  40. I’ve seen cute tags that say, “Do you want to build a snowman?”, too. Cute because you have to “build” the snowman and then you have the song stuck in your head all day. :)

  41. Thank you for sharing your creativity and printables :) My son and I just put these together for his party later this week.

  42. These are adorable and my daughter just loves them! She wanted “Frozen” valentines this year and of course we saw Frozen valentines early last month but couldn’t find them anymore so I think we are going to attempt these.

    What’s your opinion on how soon these can be made in advance?

    • Thanks, Becky. I haven’t tested, but I would think if you made them now that they would last. (As long as you put them in a ziplock baggie.) Even if the marshmallows aren’t quite at their peek when the kids open them, I don’t think they’ll mind one bit!

  43. What brand snack bags did you buy that we’re ventricle?

    • Hi, Lindsey. They are Walmart brand snack bags, and they are called “Portion Pack Bags.” They must be right be the regular snack bags, because I actually grabbed them by mistake. They say “Snack” on the box as well.

  44. Thanks, Heidi!

  45. Hi! I knew as soon as found these on pinterest that my daughter would love them, she has seen Frozen three times!!! Just a couple of things I thought were helpful: When cutting the marshmallows in half, I used white sparkling sugar on the sticky side (I think this was a lot less messy than the powdered sugar would have been). I used a toothpick to connect the three marshmallows, just so you could really see the snowman. Also, I couldn’t find candy corns. So, we used orange slice candies. These worked great and I was able to get 12 noses out of one slice! Thanks so much for posting these!!!!

  46. These were such a huge hit with my daughter and her 4th grade classmates. She was so proud to have a creative idea that she made!

  47. Looking to make these treat bags for Christmas for my son’s preschool. Can you tell me what font you used?

  48. Heidi, you have so many clever ideas!

  49. I’m making the Olaf snowman favors to mail to my Grandchildren out of state. Am I correct in assuming that your intention in designing these was NOT to have them connected? I made one and tried using toothpicks but that didn’t work. Then I thought of shishkabob skewers but didn’t really think 2-5 year olds should be playing with them. I used gel icing on the eyes, buttons and nose and that worked out really. Thanks so much for your help. It’s an adorable idea!

    • Thanks, Gloria. These are meant to be just for fun–with all the ingredients dumped in the bag. The kids can lay the pieces flat on the table to assemble, or just gobble everything up. You’re right. I did not intend to have anything connected. I hope your grandchildren love them!

  50. I love these, absolutely adorable! :) I included them in a roundup of our favorite classroom valentines for this year. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Could you make this PDF with this quote? “If you’ll be my Valentine, I’ll be a…. Happy Snowman!”

    • I’d be happy to do that for you, Christina. I charge $10 for the first 1/2 hour of customization for my printables, and $5 for every 15 minutes after that. I would not expect this to take more than 1/2 hour. Please email back (instead of commenting here) if you would like more information.

  52. These are amazing, by the way. Can’t wait to make them with my 2 year old daughter for her daycare class!

  53. I love this idea. The treat bags can also be purchased for $4 for 100 at the craft store.

  54. Hi I just wanted you to know I loved your Valentine’s Post. So I added it to my 15 Valentine’s Day Crafts post.

    In addition, I included a 125 x 125 image of your project in a college
    Here is a link to the live post.{ } If you don’t wish for me to share you work with my fan. Please email me and I will remove you :).

  55. Amazing Ideas for Valentines, Great informative article and pictures you shared. Stay blessed.

  56. Lovely ideas. My daughter is nearly 3 and so is aware of all these special times of year, more than she’s ever been. it’s exciting doing this Olaf for her.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.<3

  57. says

    What a great and creative idea! I know my daughter would just love that! I’ll be sharing it with hubby!

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