Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

Do you want to build a snowman?  This adorable Olaf sock snowman was created for Lu’s Frozen birthday party several years ago. Now that Frozen II is soon to be in theaters, I think it’s time to make little Olafs again!  This project is perfect for parties because each guest can make their own. The project was a huge hit for us, and I hope it will be for you, too.  Want to learn how to make your own “Happy Snowman?”  I’m super excited to share the tutorial and a free printable for the felt pieces.  Here we go!

Do You Want To Build a Snowman? {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from OneCreativeMommy.com} Frozen Birthday Party & Snowman Craft for Kids

Special thanks to Bear (age 12) for helping me out with this project.  She hates getting her picture taken, but she made the ultimate sacrifice and let me take pictures of her creating Olaf.  (As long as I didn’t take pictures of her face, of course!)

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Do You Want To Build a Snowman? {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from OneCreativeMommy.com} Frozen Birthday Party & Snowman Craft for Kids

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

You can adapt this tutorial for any size sock, but my measurements and printable are sized for Bobby Socks, kids size small, fits shoe sizes 5 1/2 to 8 1/2. You can use anything from a toddler sock to an adult sock, but I liked this size the best.

Materials Needed

These materials, plus a couple of cups of rice = one Sock Snowman Olaf! {OneCreativeMommy.com}

  • 1 bobby sock
  • Approximately 1 1/3 cups of rice — any kind (for larger socks, use more rice)
  • 2 1-inch white pom poms
  • Orange felt — just a small piece
  • Large googly eyes (mine are about 1 cm in diameter)
  • Adhesive-backed black felt–one sheet of sticky-backed felt is enough for 12 snowmen.
  • 3 clear hair elastics.  (I used goody brand, medium size.  They come in tiny, medium and large sizes.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Free Olaf Features Printable.  Click download link below to get the download.

Click here to download Frozen Teacher Gift Tag Printables

Video Tutorial


*Hint.  When filling the sock with rice, you will need a helper.  One person holds the sock open and the other pours the rice. Or, check out the video tutorial for an even easier way to fill up the socks that even little kids can do all by themselves.

Do You Want To Build a Snowman? {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from OneCreativeMommy.com} Frozen Birthday Party & Snowman Craft for Kids

  1. Pour just under 3/4 C rice into the bottom of the sock, and squeeze and shake it down until you have the shape you want for Olaf’s bottom.  Make sure that the top of the sock is centered in the middle.
  2. Using a clear hair band, secure sock tightly just above the rice.
  3. Pour just over 1/8 C rice into the sock, squeeze and shake down the rice, and secure the section with a second clear hairband.
  4. Pour a little less than 1/2 C rice into the sock, and squeeze and shake down the rice.  Shape the head so that it is taller than it is wide, and secure it with the third clear hairband.

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial -- Glue Sections

  1. Starting where the middle section touches the bottom section, secure the ball with hot glue so that Olaf keeps his shape.  Repeat where the head and middle ball touch.

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial -- Add felt details

  1. Starting with the mouth, peel the backing off the felt pieces (one at a time), and stick them to Olaf’s face and body.  (I did not provide a pattern for the nose, but any old triangle-ish shape will do.)
  2. Glue the nose and eyes on with hot glue.
  3. Add the arms and the pom-pom feet.
  4. Don’t forget the hair!  Be sure to attach it at the bottom of the elastic hair tie, or it will look like it’s floating.  (You’ll see some floating hair in the picture of the kids’ finished Olafs.)

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The adhesive-backing on the felt is pretty temporary.  If you are doing this project yourself, once you have the shapes where you want them, add a little hot glue to make them stay.  If you are doing this project with kids, just wait until they are finished and then add the hot glue.  (The pieces are way too small for the kids to help with the gluing.)

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial -- Add felt details

Poor Olaf.  He’s missing his eyebrows!  We didn’t even notice until we started making them at the birthday party.  Actually, several of the kids decided to leave off the eyebrows, but I like them!  For me, it’s not Olaf without the trademark eyebrows!

Happy Snowmen! {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from OneCreativeMommy.com} #olaf #frozenpartyideas

Just look at all of these Happy Snowmen!  I hope your family likes this project as much as we did.  Special thanks to Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me for the Olaf idea.  She created hers using tiny socks and polyfill.  Check them out here.  They’re adorable!  Without her post, I would never have figured out how to give Olaf hair!

Do You Want To Build a Snowman? {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from OneCreativeMommy.com} Frozen Birthday Party & Snowman Craft for Kids

Thanks for stopping by today.  I have lots more Frozen activities from the party coming!  Need more Olaf?  Check out these posts.  (Images below are linked.)

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    • Good question, Michelle. Don’t know why I didn’t think to put that in! The eyes came in a pack with many sizes, so I’m not sure the exact size. Using a ruler, they are about 1 cm in diameter. Hope that helps. Have fun!

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    • Hi, Erica. There is a printable with this post for all the cutout pieces. Yes. I did cut them all out. I tried using my silhouette, but it wouldn’t cut the felt. It took some time, but it wasn’t too bad.

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    • Hi, Leone. It’s been years since I made these, but I think I got the felt at Michaels. If you don’t have one near you, google “sticky backed felt,” and you’ll probably see something near you. I originally tried curing the felt with my Silhouette, but it wouldn’t cut. I know the new Cricuits can do some cool things, so it might work. I cut all of mine by hand. Hope this works for you.

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