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You know those insane moms who love to give themed parties?  Yep.  I’m on of them.  I spend hours planning and creating, then I run around like a crazy woman a few hours before the party as I try to finish details and get the house clean in time.  After the party, I put my feet up and don’t do anything for a week!  (Okay–that last part’s just wishful thinking!)

Anyway . . . I know not everyone has time to plan that type of party.  That’s why I’ve done all the hard work, and I’m sharing my ideas with you!  This page lists all of my party ideas together, sorted by theme.

Frozen Party Ideas
Harry Potter Party Ideas
Minion Party Ideas
Un-Slumber Party Ideas
Spy Party Ideas
Princess Party Ideas
Art Party Ideas
40th Birthday Party Ideas
Christmas Party Ideas
Halloween Party Ideas


  1. Very very nice Ideas for Kids..Its helpful for my Years Old Daughter.. than you Share this ideas…