Free Frozen 2 Bingo Game

Frozen 2 Bingo is perfect for Frozen and Frozen 2 fans! Download your free printable game.

Harry Potter Potions Class: Luck Potion

What’s been your most fun themed birthday party? Ours is definitely Harry Potter. And, what Harry Potter party could be complete without a Harry Potter Potions class? This Felix Felicis slime, or “Luck Goo” was such a fun activity. The kids loved mixing their own luck potion, because who doesn’t love making slime? (Okay, I … Read More

Free Nativity bingo game just in time for Christmas!

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving break? I love working while my kids sleep. Should I let them keep sleeping and enjoy the quiet? I should probably wake them up so that they can have a productive day, too, right? Such a tough decision! I’m hurrying to get this adorable Nativity Bingo game up for … Read More

The Coolest iMovie Birthday Cake

They say good things come to those who wait. Well, if you’ve been waiting for the rest of my iMovie party ideas, they’re finally here! When school started, I shared our Mad Libs/iMovie party game, and now I’m finally ready to share the iMovie Birthday cake. Seriously. You’re not going to believe how easy it is … Read More

Clever Spot It Style Card Game for Valentine’s Day

Have you tried the Spot It card game? My kids love it. It’s a fun and fast-paced matching game with several ways to play. This is a game where kids definitely have the advantage over adults. My brain just doesn’t work fast enough to keep up with my kids at this one! Guess what? I … Read More

The cutest free Christmas Bingo Boards!

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t even started. That’s pretty typical for me, so I guess I won’t worry — yet! Today I’m bringing you some fun for your school class party or your family game night. These adorable Christmas bingo boards are just in time for some holiday merriment. RELATED: Halloween … Read More

Minion Cupcakes with Oreos

With the release of the Minions movie on DVD coming soon, I know lots of kids have Minions on the brain. If you’re thinking of hosting a  Minion birthday party, try these adorable Minion cupcakes with chocolate covered Oreos! I’ll admit it. I didn’t think I was going to like Despicable Me. I’m just not into rude cartoon … Read More

Quick and Easy Minion Bookmark Craft for Kids

I’m so excited about this Minion bookmark craft! (I know. I say that about all my projects. I guess crafting just makes me happy!) These bookmarks were so easy, and they turned out so cute. What kid doesn’t need a Minion peering at them out of their book, right? The night before Boo’s Minion birthday … Read More

Minion Flip Flops Summer Kids Craft

Bust summer boredom with these adorable minion flip flops! Whether your kids like the cute yellow minions, the crazy purple minions–or both–they’re sure to love this easy craft. We created these at Boo’s Minion Birthday Party, and I love the way they turned out. Boo’s wish for a Harry Potter birthday party quickly disappeared as … Read More