Minion Cupcakes with Oreos

With the release of the Minions movie on DVD coming soon, I know lots of kids have Minions on the brain. If you’re thinking of hosting a  Minion birthday party, try these adorable Minion cupcakes with chocolate covered Oreos!

Chocolate Dipped Oreos make these Minion Cupcakes two treats in one! {} Fun Minion Party Idea!

I’ll admit it. I didn’t think I was going to like Despicable Me. I’m just not into rude cartoon characters. I was pleasantly surprised when those adorable little Minions stole my heart, and I’ve enjoyed all three movies.

After seeing the most recent Minions movie, our next birthday party had to be Minion-themed! The kids at the party had a blast with our Minion water balloon fight, and they had a great time making Minion Flip Flops and Minion Bookmarks.

When it came to the cake, I wasn’t quite skilled enough to make one of those gorgeous fondant-covered cakes I’ve seen online. (Have you seen the ones I mean? So cute, but so out of my league!) I stuck with something a little more simple — chocolate dipped Oreos and cupcakes. Ready to learn how to create this adorable dessert?

Minion Cupcakes

Chocolate Dipped Oreos make these Minion Cupcakes two treats in one! {} Fun Minion Party Idea!


  • cupcakes prepared and cooled (I used these amazing gluten free lemon pound cake cupcakes)
  • blue frosting
  • lollipop sticks
  • chocolate jimmies sprinkles (for the hair)
  • candy eyes
  • yellow candy melts
  • black decorator gel icing (if you can find silver or gray, even better!)
  • optional — candle for the birthday child
  • Oreos (or, for gluten free, glutino sandwich cookies — pictured)
  • waxed paper


  1. Line a cookie sheet or the counter with waxed paper.
  2. Prepare Oreos by inserting a lollipop stick halfway into the creme. (If you want to put a candle into one of the Oreos, use double stuffed.)
  3. Melt candy melts according to package instructions, and dip the Oreos.
  4. After dipping each cookie, place it on the waxed paper to cool, and immediately add the candy eyes and chocolate jimmies.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos make these Minion Cupcakes two treats in one! {} Fun Minion Party Idea!

  1. If your house is warm, transfer the cookies to the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to cool.
  2. Once completely cool, carefully trim the access chocolate off the edges of the cookies with a pairing knife.
  3. Using black decorator icing, draw goggles and smiles. (You don’t need to draw on the back of the cookie.)
  4. Ice the cupcakes with blue frosting.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT! I learned this the hard way. The Minion pops are very top heavy. To avoid them tipping over, wait until just before serving to stick the Oreo pops into the cupcakes.

That’s it. It’s a lot easier than it looks, right? If I can do it, so can you!

Chocolate Dipped Oreos make these Minion Cupcakes two treats in one! {} Fun Minion Party Idea!

If you want the birthday girl or boy to have a special Oreo pop with a candle on it’s head, here’s how to do it: When you add the lollipop stick, also add a narrow candle opposite the stick. If you can use double-stuffed Oreos–do! If you are using gluten free Oreos (Glutino), you’ll have to get a little creative. It’s tough to get a candle narrow enough to fit inside of a regular Oreo. I ended up spooning extra chocolate inside the Glutino Oreo to keep the cookie together.

Since there is now something sticking out of both sides of the cookie, you’ll have to spoon the chocolate over the top instead of dipping the cookie into the chocolate. I gave the face a silly expression because I thought it would look cute when the candle was lit.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos make these Minion Cupcakes two treats in one! {} Fun Minion Party Idea!


Are you excited for Minions to come to DVD? My kids can’t wait! I wonder how many Minions will appear at my door on Halloween. I’m guessing I’ll see quite a few! Thanks for stopping by today. While you’re here, be sure to stick around and check out some of my other ideas. You can visit the posts below by clicking on the images.

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