Free Frozen 2 Bingo Game

This is the cutest Frozen bingo game! {} #freeprintable #frozen2 #bingo #frozenparty

Frozen 2 bingo is here! This game will be so fun for a Frozen birthday party. I almost wish my girls were little again so I could throw our third Frozen-themed party. –Almost!– I had so much fun putting together images from both films.

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Did Frozen 2 live up to the hype?

I loved the original Frozen movie. I saw it with my girls when they were the perfect age to be dazzled. We lived in the desert, yet there was a fluke snowstorm during the movie, so we exited the theater into a winter wonderland. It was magical.

My family dragged me to the theater to see Frozen 2. (I had planned to wait for it to come out on video.) I’ll admit that I didn’t love it. The original Frozen was so magical that I just didn’t really get why there needed to be a sequel. I thought some of the music was weird, and I was really confused by the 80s montage during the “Lost in the Woods” song. It seemed so random.

My kids, however, loved it. From the moment the movie ended, they were belting out the new songs constantly. I’ll admit it. The songs grew on me until I was belting them out as well.

I still don’t think the movie needed a sequel. I think it was kind of a stretch to come up with a new storyline. But–I’ve changed my mind. I do like the movie, and when it comes out on video, I’ll watch it again (and maybe again). And I can now see the “Lost in the Woods” song as a fun throwback to my 80s days.

What did you think? Did you love it? Were you underwhelmed? Are you excited for Frozen 3?

Free family set of Frozen bingo

Whether you loved it or not, your kids probably did. That means you are definitely going to need this Frozen bingo game.

This is the cutest Frozen bingo game! {} #freeprintable #frozen2 #bingo #frozenparty

Download free family set of Frozen 2 Bingo

Ready to download your game? As usual, I’m offering a free family set here, and a full set of 30 unique game boards on Etsy. (The Etsy game also has a choice of two sizes of calling cards.)

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How to play

Playing Frozen Bingo is easy. Please note that every game board contains every image. That means that if you try to play blackout bingo (the winner is the first to cover the entire board), everyone will win. Stick to more traditional games like five-in-a-row.

To play, cut up the two pages of calling cards and give each player a game board and something to cover up the squares (small pieces of candy, pieces of paper, paper clips, pretzels, pennies, etc).

Each player can cover up the center free square. One at a time, select a calling card and show the picture to the group. As the pictures are shown, each player covers up that image on their game board.

The first person to get five in a row says, “Bingo!” and is the winner.

More ways to play

For variety, try one of these ways to win:

  • Five in a row – First to cover five images in a row in any direction
  • Corners – First to cover the images in all four corners
  • Cross – First to cover images that form a plus sign through the free space
  • X – First to cover images that form an x through the free space
  • Picture frame – First to cover all the images around the outside of the board

Have fun! If you know of more ways to play, please add them in the comments.

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Download the full game on Etsy

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  1. How cute! We love Frozen 2. I can see kids having a blast playing this.

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  7. I haven’t seen Frozen 2 yet. These are great ideas to keep kids entertained this winter!

  8. Anything Frozen is gonna be a hit. I would even consider buying this for myself, my friends even. This is so fun to stare at!

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