Clever Spot It Style Card Game for Valentine’s Day

Have you tried the Spot It card game? My kids love it. It’s a fun and fast-paced matching game with several ways to play. This is a game where kids definitely have the advantage over adults. My brain just doesn’t work fast enough to keep up with my kids at this one! Guess what? I found out how to make my own Valentine’s day game version, and of course I’m sharing it with you!

If you love the Spot It card game, then you'll love this Valentine's Day matching game, too! {} Free Printables #spotit #printable #valentinesday #valentinesdaygame #familyfun #familynight

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The brilliant minds at Radigan Engineering not only figured out the algorithm behind the game, but they shared the secret so that any adventurous soul (like me) can create their own!

I’m not going to lie. There really is no substitute for the nice store-bought cards with the plastic finish in the original Spot It game. But, it’s still fun to change it up with a holiday version, anyway. I highly recommend laminating the printable cards to make them easier to handle quickly.

If you love the Spot It card game, then you'll love this Valentine's Day matching game, too! {} Free Printables #spotit #printable #valentinesday #valentinesdaygame #familyfun #familynight

Before making my own version, every time I played the Spot It game I found myself wondering how in the world it could possibly work. I kept thinking for sure I’d find a card with no matches. It never happened. The game really works. It’s crazy. Every card has at least one match with every other card in the deck. It’s mind blowing.

Valentine’s Day Spot It Style Matching Game

Ready to try this fun Valentine’s Day matching game? I know you are! You can print your own by clicking on the download button below (the one with the three colored dots). The printable will open in a new page. You can print from there or save the file to your computer to print later.

Click to download

How to Play

For a basic version of the game, put the stack of cards on the floor face up in the middle of all players. Each player selects a card and holds it face down. When everyone is ready to begin, players flip their cards over so that the pictures are visible.

All players focus on the top card in the stack. They search for the picture on that card that matches a picture on their card. The first person to find a match names the picture and takes the card from the stack and places it on top of the card in his hand. Players continue to watch the center stack, calling out pictures and taking the top card as they find matches.

When all the cards are gone, the player with the most matches wins.

If you love the Spot It card game, then you'll love this Valentine's Day matching game, too! {} Free Printables #spotit #printable #valentinesday #valentinesdaygame #familyfun #familynight

More Ways to Play

There are many ways to play this game. In fact, if you visit the creator’s webpage, families create new ways to play and add them to the site.  I linked you to a particularly creative version called, “Spot It Stories.”

I don’t know that it’s fair to the creators of the original game to list all of the ways to play here on my blog. You can check out the demo game on the Blue Orange Games website to try your luck at the computer version. If you’re old like me, good luck!

If you really want to learn how to play all the games, I suggest you buy the real thing or google it the directions. You just might find them.

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  1. thanks to you, this is the way to play with my daugther to words, numbers, literature… Any subject i want she to learn (i don’t know if this sentence is wrote properly, sorry) with “easy to follow” rules.
    I took a look of the websites you recomend and i found a lot of ideas of games and help with “flashcard creating” is amazing for me because i do games for children in my playworker job, there’s no money to buy them so i creat it.
    thanks a lot.

  2. This is a great way to spend time with the kids.

  3. What a fun idea! And I MUST make those bugs with my daughter. She loves bugs.

  4. I tried spot it last year at the holidays…. everyone LOVED it, it’s my go to gift now for kids. Me? I am horrible at it, lol.

  5. That’s a fun sounding game. I am amazed there’s always a match. I love the super hero lolli!

  6. This post is maybe the coolest thing I’ve seen all week. My youngest daughter LOVES the Spot It games, and we actually have several different versions. She never grows tired of playing these games, and we love that there are so many different ways to play. A Valentine’s version is perfect!

  7. My children have played this game at school. This would be a good family time game to play at home.

  8. Oh spot it! This game is so great! I played it with the kids the clinic I worked at.

  9. Thanks for the cute and crafty Valentine’s Day ideas :-) Love the games; most likely going to be doing these at home, kids will love them!

  10. I love the Valentine BOx, so cute, you are really creative and talented

  11. Love these ideas…as a teacher it’s always nice to find wet play games or games for golden times that will engage the children and are easy for them to play!

  12. What a beautiful post!! i love Valentine’s day <3 and this is a lovely way to spend time with the kids :-) Thankd for sharing with us

  13. Aw I love a good ole family game! This would be perfect with a cup of tea and cookies on Valentines Day <3

  14. That Rocket Booster Valentines Box was so new and very fashionable. It will be a sure hit for the kids. I am just wondering how does it work. lol

  15. very cute game. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time with the kids.

  16. It sure sounds like a pretty fun game for the kids on Valentine’s day! I like making sure that they enjoy the day as much, it’s not only for couples anyway.

  17. That’s awesome! I love games that keep the kids excited about the occasion. This is definitely something that I would recommend.

  18. I remember when I was younger – I loved V-Day because I loved the cards and the candy but I also loved it because it got me excited about whether or not my “crush” would give me a love note – LOL!

  19. We love the Spot It games! We have the one that is geared towards Christmas and the kids love it.

  20. This is such a great idea! I will have to try this when my little gets a bit older!

    • Definitely save it for when you kids are older, Amanda. It’s a lot of fun. Be prepared, though. As the kids get older, they’ll be much better at the game than you are! Kids reflexes are so good!

  21. These are really awesome and creative ways to spend quality time with kids.

  22. This sounds like a fun family game! Well done on creating your own version for Valentine’s Day!

  23. You found a game your kids like. Thats a great thing.

  24. all this ideas are great! I love that game and a love bugs:) my son will love them

  25. Omg what a cute game!!! I bet my daughter would love this!

  26. My Daughter would love this game! What a cute idea. :)

  27. My nieces would love to make these… It’ll be perfect for their Valentine’s Day gifts to classmates

  28. What a fun game to play for Valentine’s Day! I bet my kids would enjoy playing this with me.

  29. What a fun game for Valentine’s day!! My kids would have a blast playing this game!

  30. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this game before, but it looks like a ton of fun to play with the kids. I really like the artwork on the cards. Super cute!

  31. FYI, Spot It does have holiday-themed versions. Their Christmas one is very popular!

  32. Horse names ideas says

    My family loves Spot it! This would be a lot of fun for Valentine’s Day!

  33. These are all such cute ideas! My kids do love Spot-It, and it would be fun to make our own version. The kids enjoy making treats for valentines day, we should get started this weekend.

  34. I have never played this game but I will love to try this soon. Thank you very much..

  35. Elyce Tecktiel says

    I love this! I would love to make other versions. How did you get the pictures looking so nice on the cards? Did you use Word? Paint? I am having trouble with that part.

    • Thanks, Elyce. I created my cards with Adobe Illustrator. That’s a pretty pricey program. I recently purchased Affinity Designer, and it works great. It’s comparable to Illustrator and would also work for this project.

  36. What a clever idea. I am thinking of making a spot it game for my grandkids. Did you find a drag and drop site, or did you make your own circle template, and adjust the sizes of the pictures as you entered them?

    • Hi, Emily. I used the link in this post to the Algorithm to help me decide which pics go on each circle, and then I manually adjusted the sizes and positions of the pictures myself. Good look making yours. I did create a template and do it all myself.

  37. Thank you for sharing! I printed this out and played all morning with my 4 year old. We love Spot It and this Valentine’s one was so fun. I plan on laminating it so we add it to our games. Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you like it, Tammy. We love Spot It, too. I bet your four-year-Old gave you a run for your money. Kids are so much faster at this stuff than grownups!

  38. Our kids loved this game! Thanks for getting us started! I made my own Animal/Insect one for us and put it up for sale on TeachersPayTeachers.

  39. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I enter email but still haven’t received the Valentine’s Day Spot it

    • Hi, Jaime. I’m sorry you did not receive your download. I think it probably went to the spam/junk folder in your email account. It’s also possible that there was a glitch with my email system, though. I sent you the email again — this time it has the title: Spot It Game — Hope it works this time. Please let me know if you still don’t get it.

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