Frosted Princess Cake Tutorial

Important: This post is a follow-up to my fondant skirt princess cake tutorial. In order for this to make sense, please refer to that page. Thanks!

Frosted Princess Cake Tutorial

I made this cake several years ago, but I will do my best to remember how I did it (but change the directions so that it will taste good).  Sorry that I won’t have step-by-step pictures.

  • If you just want this basic cake — with no added height from a round cake — prepare 1 1/2 cake mixes and bake in a large glass measuring cup or bowl.  Otherwise, prepare two cakes as I did in my other tutorial.  With either choice, use the angel food cake pan trick to be sure that the cake cooks in the middle instead of turning  into a chocolate rock!

Following is what I did differently to decorate with frosting instead of fondant.  You can combine both tutorials to find what is easiest for you.

  • Frost the entire cake in tinted butter cream frosting, and smooth it the best you can.
  • Before wrapping the barbie in saran wrap, remove her clothing.  (You will add frosting for the bodice of her dress.)
  • Unless you used a two-cake method, the top of the skirt will be flat, and not quite tall enough for Barbie.  Use frosting to create the top of the skirt.  (Remember, I am not a professional.  I’m just a mom, and moms improvise!)  I just kept squirting with my star tip until the shape looked right (how’s that for technical directions?).
  • Use the star tip (or anything you are comfortable with) and pipe frosting to cover the barbie’s chest and torso.  You could also pipe on straps with a decorating tip, but I forgot.
  • To hide the frosting lines on the skirt, pipe squiggles all over it and finish the bottom with the same tip you used for the bodice of the dress.

I like that the height of this cake looks more normal than the other (Barbie’s proportions make her legs extra tall–the fake skirt top normalizes it a bit), but the kids were sure amazed with the fondant dress.  (Truth be told–the kids were amazed by this dress, too, though, so do whatever is easiest for you!)



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