How to Host an Un-Slumber Party

It happens when you least expect it . . . your little girl asks the question you’ve been dreading since the day she was born.  “Mom, can I have a sleepover?”  (Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit.  I don’t really dread sleepovers, but somehow they don’t sound quite as fun for the adults as they are for the kids!)  Actually, we don’t worry about sleepovers at our house at all.  That’s because we simply don’t have them.

But, just because we don’t allow sleepovers, doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun late-night party!  We love to host “Un” Slumber Parties!  (Also called Pajama parties or Late Nights.)

Want a slumber party without the sleepover? Try a Late-Night or Un-Slumber Party instead! {Ideas from}Here’s how a late-night, pajama or un-slumber party works:

  • The kids come in their pajamas
  • They do the typical slumber party things like paint nails, watch movies and eat lots of food
  • They stay up late
  • When the fun is done, they all head home to sleep in their own beds

The Invitations

Try these Pillow Case Invitations, or shape yours like a night owl or sleep mask.

Pillow Case Slumber Party invitations {See more ideas for this party at}

The Crafts and Games

Lots of girls means you need lots to do to keep them busy!  When it comes to crafts and games, divide and conquer!  I plan two activities and divide the girls in half.  Fewer girls means less chance of feeling forgotten or left out.  We like to play Spin the Nail Polish Bottle.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle Party Game for Little Girls {} Includes free Silouette and pdf files for spinner #partygames #unslumberparty

These DIY Non-Slip socks were a hit at our last party.  Be sure to give the girls aprons or paint smocks so they don’t ruin their clothes, though!  (We used my freezer paper art aprons left over from Boo’s Art party.

DIY Non-Slip Socks craft for Un-Slumber Party {}

What happens if one of the groups is finished before the other?  Be sure to have an extra activity or coloring page to pull out.  We love to play Funny Bones.  I’ve had this game since I was a kid.  I’m probably really dating myself.  Anyone else remember this game?

Funny Bones--fun party game for sleep overs!

The Food

Boo has Celiac disease, so birthday cake has to be gluten free.  No worries–gluten-free cake is not hard (I have a great mix), and it tastes just like the real thing, but I decided not to bother.  Have you ever noticed how much cake gets thrown away at birthday parties?  Kids are so busy playing (and so stuffed from party snacks) that they often barely even touch it.  I decided to save the work of baking and decorating, and do a Sundae bar instead.  It was a huge hit!  Add a little popcorn for the movie, and we were all set!

Try a Sundae Bar instead of birthday cake at your next party. Way less work, and the kids love it! {}

If you’ve been wondering . . . it is definitely possible to put candles in ice cream!  (If you haven’t been wondering . . . it’s still possible!  Hee, hee!)  And bonus–if you accidentally buy trick candles, you might just become the best mom ever.  I had no idea those could be so fun!

We started the party after dinner (another way to avoid the gluten-free thing), but if you don’t want to skip it, consider breakfast for dinner as a nice change from pizza.

The Goodie Bags

Guess what?  You don’t need them!  Let the kids take home their craft and a bottle of nail polish from the game!  Easy peasy!

DIY Non-Slip Socks--Fun kids' craft or birthday party activity! {}The Aftermath

You wore yourself out getting ready for the party.  The kids are gone.  You don’t have to fix breakfast for 10 little girls in the morning.  Put your feet up!  Read a book!  Go to bed and sleep in!  (Aren’t you glad they didn’t spend the night?)

Check out these posts for all the ideas from the party.  (Images are linked.):

Free Pillow Case Slumber Party Invitations Template {}DIY Non-Slip Socks--Fun kids' craft or birthday party activity! {}Spin the Nail Polish Bottle Party Game for Little Girls {} Includes free Silouette and pdf files for spinner #partygames #unslumberparty

Need more ideas?  Check out my Pajama Party and Slumber Party Fun board on Pinterest!

I’m so glad you stopped by.  I hope you’ll be back soon!



  1. This. is. AWESOME!! You are too creative and I absolutely love the invites! Can’t wait to do something like this someday (if we have a daughter–we just have a little boy right now and I’m doubting he’d ever want a sleepover themed party :/ boys.. Ha)!

  2. Thanks for sharing these charming and creative ideas! What a great fun! Keep up the good work Heidi!

  3. Awesome tips! Never heard of an “unslumber party”, but it sounds rad! I’m currently writing a sleepover post and came across your site. I have three young daughters who would just LOVE to create the DIY socks. Thanks for the awesome ideas! :)

  4. Hi there! This is a birthday party I was thinking. And when I looked it up your came up! Glad that I am not the only one : ) Now a days it seems like parents are not letting kids stay over night like they use too. So this is why I thought of a slumber party but to go home late. Hope the parents don t mind picking up too late. Not sure what time I should put sowm yet….9pm or 10pm??? Anyways thanks so much : )

  5. Love all your ideas! Having my daughters in slumber party soon girls will be coming at 630-9. I purchased pillowcases and fabric markers as the craft and my daughter also wants to play spin the bottle (nail polish) pizza and ice cream sundaes. Any suggestions of what we should do first pizza? Craft then pizza?

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