Don’t Eat Pete Multiplication Game

Let’s face it. Learning multiplication facts is not very fun. . . Until now! Are you looking for a way to make multiplication more exciting?  Look no further.  This Don’t Eat Pete Multiplication game is the perfect game for practicing multiplication facts.  Kids are engaged in a fast-paced game with instant rewards while they practice their boring facts. And, I’ve just redesigned the graphics to make it even better!

Can you clear the board without eating Pete? Make learning multiplication facts fun with this unique math game! Multiplication Don't Eat Pete! {} Learning Games, Math Fact Practice #math #mathgames #multiplication #teaching #homeschooling

Instructions are included with the game, but you can see the directions without downloading the game by visiting this post.

For a quick idea of how to play the game, check out this video of my daughter. Before she started playing, I secretly selected the monkey with “6 x 4” on it’s face as “Pete.” When she selected the candy on that monkey, her turn was over. Her goal was to collect as many candies as she could (by correctly solving the math fact under it) without “eating Pete.”

You don’t have to use candies for the game. You can use any type of marker. The kids can collect points to use later to earn a prize, or they can use real pennies.

My favorite thing about the game is that kids can work on the board that fits them. If they are playing with friends or siblings, they just pull out the board that that they are trying to learn. It doesn’t matter what board the other kids are working on. One kid may by using x 2, another x 12, and another +3. (I have lots of other versions of the game. Addition, division, phonograms, shapes, colors, etc.)

Download Don’t Eat Pete Multiplication Game

Ready to try this game with your family or your classroom? You can download a free set of three boards (x 2, x 3, and doubles) to try out. When you discover that you love the game, head to my Etsy store to purchase the full set.

To download the trial multiplication game, click on the image below. Clicking will open the pdf file. You can print from there, or save the file to your computer to print later.

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Ready to try the full version? Click the download image below to see the full game in my Etsy shop.

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Multiplication Don’t Eat Pete is the game that started my obsession with creating Don’t Eat Pete games. My oldest daughter used this games to learn her facts, but the younger kids wanted to play, too. Soon, I had boards for addition and shapes and colors so that all the girls could play together! Now I have even more. Click here to see them all. There’s just something about playing a game that makes learning more fun!

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