Colors and Shapes Preschool Math Game

If you are looking for a way to give your kids an early start with learning and recognizing colors and shapes, Don’t Eat Pete, Shapes and Colors is perfect for kids five and under. This preschool math game is so fun that the kids won’t know they’re learning, too!

Colors and Shapes Don't Eat Pete Preschool Math Game | A fun way to learn! {}

All kids need to practice and learn is a my printable game board and something to use as markers.  (My kids love to use pennies because they get to keep them when the game is over.)

Don’t know how to play?  The instructions are included in the download, but you can also find instructions for several different versions of the game here.  This kit includes Don’t Eat Pete shapes and colors game boards and instructions.

See below for a video example of the shapes game board.  (Prior to the recording, and without telling Lu, I selected a dinosaur to be “Pete.”)

To learn more about my “Don’t Eat Pete” games, visit this post.

Click the download box below to download the free pdf files.

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Enjoy the game!

Colors and Shapes Dont Eat Pete

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(If this game is not free right now, it will be in a few weeks. I am working on switching all of my games to free.)

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