Summer Learning for Kids–Avoid the Summer Slide!

Summer Learning for Kids {Avoid the Summer Slide with ideas and links to 100+ Activities and Printables for Summer Learning!}

Oh, my goodness!  Life around here is getting crazy!  What happened to the lazy days of summer?  Between piano lessons, gymnastics camp, and swimming lessons, it’s hard to find time to get anything done!

Here’s the dream schedule that I planned before summer began:

After a great night’s sleep, I get up (with a smile) and read my scriptures and pray.  I get the kids up and they cheerfully get dressed, come down the stairs, empty the dishwasher and come to the family room to read scriptures together, pray and do some stretching.  (The kids love taking turns being in charge.)  Then we all eat breakfast and each do at least one job around the house.  Finally, the kids do a math practice drill, a math page and read for 20 minutes (while I take turns listening to each child).  Piano practice fits in there somewhere, too.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

While life has gotten a little too crazy to do the whole schedule every day, I have found a few things that make a huge difference.

  1. Reading scriptures and praying together is a great way to start the day.  Those days have been the best so far.
  2. Stretching really does make you feel better!  We’ve only been stretching for five minutes, but I can’t believe how much happier and awake I feel when we’re done.
  3. Learning something every day can be fun!

Today I want to help you with step 3.  Whether you are interested in learning time at the kitchen table or learning time in the great outdoors, I’ve collected some great ideas for you to keep learning alive this summer!  Remember, summer learning for kids can and should be fun!

Summer Learning for Kids

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Summer Math Ideas

do-the-math-hopscotchDo the Math Hopscotch from Spoonful

everyday-math-ideas-for-kidsEveryday Math Ideas for Kids from KC Edventures

splish-splash-water-mathSplish Splash Water Math from Crayon Freckles

 lemonade-stand11 Ways to Learn Math While Having Fun from

Math Practice Games and Drills from OneCreativeMommy.comMath Games and Drills from One Creative Mommy

Summer Science Ideas

worm-observation-towerWorm Observation Tower from Two-Daloo

water-balloon-experimentsWater Balloon Experiments from Train Up a Child

exploding-sidewalk-artExploding Sidewalk Art from Growing a Jeweled Rose

If your kids love bugs, check out my friend’s site, Ants Alive, to get lots of science project ideas to learn about ants! (You can even buy your own ant farm!)

Summer Literacy Ideas

learn-with-sidewalk-chalkTop 10 Ways to Learn with Sidewalk Chalk from Train Up a Child Learn As We Go

kids-books-activities100+ Printables and Web Activities for Kids Books from KC Edventures

july-4th-preK-packPre-K Learning Packs from Over the Big Moon

(Pam has created packs for all sorts of themes.  I linked you to the Pre-K pack category on her site so that you can pick your favorites.)

Practice reading skills with Phonogram Don't Eat Pete from

Phonogram Don’t Eat Pete from

Field Trips

family-tripsThe ABC’s of Family Field Trips from KC Edventures

day-trips-toddlersA Toddler’s Ultimate Bucket List of Day Trips from More Fun Mom

What is the “Summer Slide,” and how do I avoid it?

The other day, someone asked me the meaning of the term “Summer Slide.”  (No, it has nothing to do with the dark-colored slides that burn the kiddo’s legs during the summer.  But you should avoid those, too!)  At the end of the school year, the kids have learned a ton, and their test scores show it.  When they return the next year, after summer break, most kids have forgotten some of what they learned.  This back slide in learning is called “The Summer Slide.”

Want to avoid it?  Keep your kids learning this summer.  That doesn’t mean that you need to do summer school or focus on learning all day every day.  Just remember to add learning into the fun things you are already doing.  Keep the kids reading.  If they don’t like to read, try a chart to work towards a goal.  (I have several free charts here.)

prevent-summer-slide40+ Activities to Prevent the Summer Slide from The Weekly Kids Co-op

Have a great learning filled summer!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love this list of great ideas!
    I’d love to add one to the list,-
    I have created 3 Easy Lessons in Photography for Children that are a super fun and perfect for summer time!
    Check it out!!
    keep up the great work!


  2. “THE SUMMER SLIDE” is getting a lot of attention in our school district. They are mainly focusing on reading. I guess they got a state grant to address this issue by providing free reading programs, etc. Thanks for sharing these great ideas !

  3. What a fun list of idea for the summer. Thanks for putting it together for us.

  4. love this! so important to keep the kids learning even when school’s not in session!! Thanks for sharing at my Sunday Funday Linky Party!


  5. Tons of great ideas; can’t wait to try some of these soon! Thanks for the great collection!

  6. These are some brilliant ways of keeping the learning going through the summer – and for use all year round really to help make learning fun for littles.

  7. I love all these ideas. When my kids were younger, we used the Summer Bridge Activities books. Your ideas look much more fun!

  8. What a great roundup of ideas! Can’t wait to try these with my kids, thanks!

  9. Thank you for all these tips! Next summer all my kids will be old enough to do all of these things!

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