Picture Frame Magnet Board {Easiest Magnet Board Ever!}

I have a birthday party to plan, so it’s  a quick project this week.  This picture frame magnet board is simple, fast, and inexpensive.  Ready to learn how to do it?

Create the easiest magnet boards ever with this Picture Frame to Magnet Board tutorial {OneCreativeMommy.com}

Years ago, I found four matching 8″x10″ framed pictures at a garage sale.  I originally thought I was buying them for the cute pictures inside, but after the pictures moved with my family about four times–never once seeing the light of day–I decided it was time to repurpose.  Here’s how I did it:

I removed the pictures and the glass.  Some frames were slightly banged up on the corners, but they were in good enough shape to use.  Next, I purchased four sheets of  galvanized steel shingle flashing from a hardware store.  (They come in different sizes.  Mine were about 8″x12″–almost perfect for my frames.)  These shingles are really cheap–less than a dollar each.  (I took a magnet to the store to be sure the shingles I picked were magnetic.  Sometimes there is a coating on the metal that makes magnets not stick well.)

metal shingle

Using a pair of tin snips, I trimmed the length to fit my frame.  I used a can of Rustoleum Wildflower Blue spray paint to add some color and provide a mat for whatever I chose to display.  (You could just leave it the metal color.)

Finished Magnet Board with artwork

I put the metal sheets into my frames, and I was done!  So easy and cheap!

Velcro Wall Fasteners

I can never get up the courage to pound nails into the wall, so I put them up with 3M Velcro picture hangers instead of nails.  Now, if I change the layout of my room, I can easily move the frames–without having to fill in nail holes.

Frames on wall

Magnet Boards on the Wall

Sometimes I put pictures the kids have drawn on display, and sometimes I use snapshots instead.  Either way, it’s instant changeable art.  (I couldn’t find any portrait size photos today, but I still like the framing, even when it’s uneven.)

Before and After Magnet Board

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