Organize Me #1: Organizing Kids Clothes and Drawers

This is my first official “Get Organized!” post.  I’ll try to post one every week or two.

Yesterday, I pinned this post about organizing kitchen towels.  The towel drawer in my kitchen is always overflowing, and I have to force it closed.  (After folding laundry, I just throw the pile in the drawer and shove it closed.  Don’t you?)  Shabby Nest’s idea of rolling the towels seemed so simple that I wondered why I had never thought of it.  What a great idea!  Then I remembered my children’s drawers.  Aren’t they nice and neat?  (Wish their rooms were that clean!)

One Simple and Effective Tip for Organizing Kids Drawers and Clothes -- Never have a messy dresser again! {}

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I’ve already been using the rolling idea for a year!  I just never thought to try it in the kitchen.  My girls roll their clothes before putting them away in their drawers.  It is one of the best ideas for organizing kids clothes I ever had.

Have you ever watched a kid try to find something to wear?  If they’re like mine, they pull everything out–looking for that one special item that always seems to be at the bottom of the pile–and then, once they’ve found that treasured item, they leave all the clean clothes on the floor in a heap.

I understand their frustration.  When the clothes are all neatly folded, but piled on top of each other, it’s hard to know what’s in the drawer.  Well, I got tired of the mess, and this was the solution.  It has made such a big difference!  Even my four-year-old can roll up her own clothes to put them away.  Fabulous!

So, if you saw the post about the towel drawer, don’t be afraid to try it somewhere else!  I’ll never go back to folding.

(And yes, those are all skorts in the drawer.  I can’t talk Lu into wearing anything else!  She wears them “as is” in the summer and with leggings in the winter.  It should be interesting when she starts wearing school uniforms next year.)

One Simple and Effective Tip for Organizing Kids Drawers and Clothes -- Never have a messy dresser again! {}


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