Printable Ten Minute Tidy Charts

Thanks for stopping by to download my printable and editable Ten Minute Tidy charts. If your kids need a little motivation to keep things tidy, I hope these lists are just what you are looking for.

Ten Minute Tidy Charts

Learn how to get kids to clean up with editable, printable Ten-Minute Tidy Charts! {} #cleaningtips #printable

You have two choices to download.  If you like my lists as they are, click the download link to download the pdf files.  I’m including two charts, each in color or black and white.  If you want to edit the files to fit your home and family, click the link to download the Excel spreadsheet file.

Click the links below to download Ten Minute Tidy Lists for Kids

Ten-Minute Tidy Lists for Kids PDF files

Ten-Minute Tidy Lists for Kids Excel Spreadsheet (Editable)

Without the kids’ help, our house gets really messy, really quickly.  It’s quite a challenge to get the kids to pitch in.

My morning list is a ten-minute tidy meant to be done just after the kids wake up.  Once they get used to it, I think all they will have to do is put away their pajamas and make their beds.  (I hope they’ll start putting away the other things as they use them so that they don’t have to do them in the morning.)

My evening list has two purposes.  1–To get the kids to gather their homework, backpack, shoes and sweater (so that we don’t have to hunt in the morning), and 2–To get the kids to pick up their belongings so that we start each day with a relatively clean house.

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I’m starting these lists on the first day of school.  I sure hope it makes a difference!  What about you?  How do you plan to use the lists?  I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

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