Basic table manners every kid should know

Raise your hand if your parents ever asked you this question growing up, “Were you raised in a barn?” I think that’s the sarcastically loving way of saying, “Didn’t anyone ever teach you any manners?” Our kids are definitely not going to learn manners from TV or from their friends. If we want them to … Read More

Cool Classroom Door Decorations for Halloween

Attention room moms and school volunteers! Are you in charge of classroom door decorations for Halloween this year? Check out these cool (and easy) Halloween door ideas. 11 Easy Classroom Door Decorations RELATED: 25 Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas, Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Door Decorating I only created one of these doors, but I’ll do my … Read More

Everyone a Homemaker {Family Night Idea and Printable}

If I tell you I’m a homemaker, that probably sounds like an old fashioned idea. But, what if I tell you that everyone — man, woman, old, or young — can be a homemaker? What if I change the way I type the word homemaker to “Home Maker” or “Maker of a Home”? Does that … Read More

Make your kid’s day with printable sticky notes!

My back-to-school printable sticky notes tutorial and free printables are sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FuelTheirAdventures #CollectiveBias I’m really enjoying having my kids back in school. Yes, I’m still a little nervous about my oldest navigating the halls of middle school, but I’ve relaxed a bit. The girls are … Read More

Lunch Box Jokes for Back to School

I’m biting my nails today because my oldest just started middle school. It will be her first year in a new school — with lockers and everything. She’ll be fine, right? (Fingers crossed.) A new year means new lunch box jokes for my kiddos (and for you)! This year I picked a back to school … Read More

The ultimate back to school tips guide!

It’s time for the kids to go back to school, but you’re not ready! You had big plans to spend the summer practicing reading and math and getting everything ready so that the first day of school would be perfect . . . but you forgot all about it the first time the kids ran … Read More

Defend the Family by Teaching Children about the Divine Roles of Mother and Father

The traditional family is under attack. Having children outside of marriage used to be taboo, but now it is commonplace and widely accepted. Staying home to care for home and children used to be an admirable career path for women, but now that career is under valued. Dignified, understanding and loving fathers used to be the television … Read More

Simple Chore Charts for Kids

If you need a quick way to start a job schedule for your little ones, you are going to love this simple chore chart for kids. My sister was looking for a way to organize the morning for her twins, and she suggested this simple format. I love it! Once the kids finish a task, … Read More

Multiplication Tic Tac Toe {Fun Math Game}

Summer vacation has arrived in the desert! When school was still in session, we were counting the days for summer to begin. Now that it’s here, the kids are already bored. I don’t want the kids to forget everything they learned in school over the summer, so I created a fun math game to keep their … Read More

Best Busy Bags for Preschool and Toddlers

Would you believe that I’ve had this post planned since I started blogging? When my kids were still toddlers and preschool-age, I loved busy bags. I still love them! Since I just (finally) posted a couple, I decided to round up some more from around the web. I’ve collected over 35 fantastic busy bags, and … Read More