Happy New Year and Free Point Card

Happy New Year from OneCreativeMommy.com!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fun evening and are ready for a fantastic new year.

Free Penguin Point Card from OneCreativeMommy.com (Come back each month for a new design!) #pointcard#freebie#motivation

I realize that this year I need to focus a little more on giving positive reinforcement to my kids.  Since I am a total point card fan, I will be using point cards to encourage good behavior and to keep track of completed jobs and goals.  Want to try it, too?  I’ll be offering a new and free design every month in 2013!  Just download and print!

Free Penguin Point Card from OneCreativeMommy.com (Come back each month for a new design!) #pointcard#freebie#motivation

Click link below to download

Download Free Penguin Point Card from OneCreativeMommy.com

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*My point cards are 20-point cards.  I selected this number because I like to make each point equal a nickle.  I full point card equals $1 earned.

Here are some ideas for redeeming full point cards:

  • Each point equals $.05, so a full point card earns your child $1
  • A full point card can be redeemed for a raffle ticket
  • A full point card can be redeemed for an agreed-upon prize
  • A certain number of full point cards can be redeemed for a prize
  • Make up your own idea!

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  1. Very cute. Thanks!!

  2. Having just had a huge fight with my kid AGAIN…these come at the perfect time! Pinned!

  3. Cute idea! Thank you for sharing this post with my link-up on Fibro, Fit and Fab! :)

    Happy New Year, Heidi! I hope it’s a great one!

  4. Neat idea!!! Kids love working towards something and this helps stay positive!! Visiting from Fibro, Fit and Fab!!!

  5. What a fun idea–my kids are grown so I am making one for me and my hubby! Just because one grows up doesn’t mean we are finished!! I will put a dot every time I call one of my 6 married children. If I call a Daughter in Law I get double dots! When I finish 3 cards I’m going to lunch!
    I pinned the idea and I’m sending your link to my 6 married kids! Thanks for helping us improve. That’s what life is about, improving each day.

  6. Hey Heidi,
    Clicking over from your Six Sisters’ Stuff link. Love these cute penguins! Thanks for the printable! I’ve pinned & am now following you on pinterest @ONS GEAR. We have a lot of similar interests – I am also a former teacher. Glad to have found you,

  7. adorable, thanks so much for sharing

  8. Great Idea and what adorable cards! Sophia loves things like this…I’m gonna have to keep this in mind for this summer when they’re home all day…she can get points for competing her to-do list. Not sure 14 year old Alex would get into the points as much, but if there’s money involved in completing things…he’d be motivated :D

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing at our Sunday Show and Tell!

  9. These are cute. My daughter needs some MOTIVATION!! Do you think you can bottle it up or put it in pill form? No? darn…
    Thanks so much for linking up at Two-Cup Tuesday! See ya again next week!

  10. Leigh Ann Phillips says

    Thank you so much for these! I downloaded all of them for my girls. We have been doing a similar reward system with punch cards we made up. We’re using your downloads as punch cards now. We just mounted them on cardboard.

  11. OH!! These are adorable and SUCH a good idea!
    I’m definitely doing this! I did something similar a long time ago. I’m not sure why I ever stopped!!

    Stopping by from The New Years link up on Fibro, Fit and Fab!

  12. This is an awesome idea. It’s good to remember that positive reinforcement is the preferred way to change behavior. I am totally doing this. (And making sure I like you on Facebook)

  13. Penguins are my favorite! I really like this reward system. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library.

  14. This is so fun, my daughter is going to love it for her two little ones. Thanks again for linking up.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

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