Summer Math Fact Practice–Multiplication

Summer is here, and the kids are bored already!  Why not give them something to do that will keep them learning?

Summer Math Fact Practice Ideas for Kids {Multiplication} from

When I was teaching school, I noticed that the kids seemed to forget a lot over the summer.  Multiplication facts were forgotten, and spelling and reading skills slipped.  To combat that, I encourage my kids to have a little learning time every day.  Today I’m sharing some multiplication math fact practice ideas from my archives.

Multiplication Speedway Math Fact Practice Drill

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Free Multiplication Speedway Practice Drill and Progress Chart from {Keep kids learning this summer!}

This idea takes only minutes a day.  The downloadable kit comes with the drill sheet, progress chart, and instructions.  Here’s how it works:

  • Before you begin, teach children how to time themselves, or plan to time them yourself every day.
  • Children will need one or two copies of the drill every day.  To save paper, place one drill inside a plastic sleeve and use a grease pencil or a wet erase marker.

The Drill:

  • Before they begin, children write the fact family number they want to work on in the box next to the “x” on the racetrack.  (ie–x2, x3, x4, etc)
  • Next, children check the clock for their starting time, start their stopwatch, or wait for you to say, “Begin.”
  • Children choose any spot on the track to begin.  They multiply the center number by the number on the inside track and write the answer in the corresponding empty space on the outside track.
  • After writing the last answer, they check the clock for their stop time, stop their stopwatch, or say “stop,” so that you can tell them their time.

The Timing Chart:

  • Pick a goal time for each fact family (for example, 30 seconds), and let your child know this is the goal they are working toward.
  • Every time he or she starts a new fact family, record the date on the chart.
  • After each practice, record the time for the drill in the columns to the right of the corresponding fact family number.
  • As children reach their goal, they record the date they pass off the drill and then move on to the next fact family.

Kids really like seeing their progress each day!

Click the download box below to download the drills.

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Don’t Eat Pete Multiplication Fact Game

This is my kids’ favorite math game.  I hope your children like it, too!

Finally, learning multiplication facts is fun with Multiplication Dont Eat Pete! {} Learning Games, Math Fact Practice

Don’t Eat Pete is a fun game that families have been playing for years.  I’ve added an educational twist by using math facts.  (You can find many versions for all ages here.)

Instructions are included with every game, but you can find additional instructions and videos of kids playing the games at these links:

What is Don’t Eat Pete? (Original Game)

Speed Don’t Eat Pete

Speed Don’t Eat Pete–Single Player

Why is Don’t Eat Pete so fun?  Maybe it’s because children can get an instant reward every time they remember a fact correctly.  Maybe it’s because they can race themselves to see how quickly they can clear a board.  Maybe it’s because they love to shout “Don’t Eat Pete” when their teammate selects “Pete.”  (Did you know that kids are reviewing the facts even when it’s not their turn–simply by playing attention to catch their teammate selecting “Pete?”    Don’t tell the kids!)

Click the download box below to go to the Multiplication Don’t Eat Pete post.

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Want more summer learning ideas?  I’ll be sharing my own all week, and then I’m bringing you a great roundup of ideas from all over the web!

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  1. I heartily agree with you about keeping skills alive during summer months. It’s easiest, though, when kids have such cute games to hold their interest while they learn!

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