Super Kids Goal Setting Chart

Do your kids like Super Heroes?  Do they wish they were Super Heroes?  (I know mine definitely wish they could fly like a Super Hero!  Me, too–now that I think about it!)

Free Printable Super Kids Goal Chart {Help your kids keep track of the great things they do on the road to becoming Super Kids!}

Last week, Brenna (from Life After Laundry) asked me to make a special goal chart for her kids.  She wanted a way for them to keep track when they remembered to put others first.  Wow!  What a great idea!  (Little did Brenna know that putting others first is something we need to work on at my house, too.)  . . . and that’s how Project Super Kids was born!

What’s Project Super Kids?

I’m so glad you asked!  What do super heroes do?  They help people!  I’m pretty sure kids get that concept, but do they get how to do it themselves?  Do they get looking outside of themselves to see what they can do for someone else?  Just look around at the typical teenagers–headphones in, walking the mall, texting, arguing with Mom and Dad.  Do you think they get it?  I don’t think so.

Well, I want my kids to get it, and I want them to get it now–while they are still young.  When they’re teenagers, I want them to put their phones in their pockets and look up at the world around them!  I want them to notice people and recognize when there is something they can do to help someone else.  It’s really hard to feel lonely, sad or depressed when you are doing something for someone else!

Want to hear a fun song about the idea of looking up and helping others?  Go to this link, and scroll down to the song titled, “Look Up.”  I love it!  (The link goes to the youth website on  There’s a playlist of uplifting songs for teenagers.)

Sorry, I got sidetracked.  Back to Project Super Kids!  Using this chart, kids get to keep track of the times that they put someone else first and did something nice for someone else.  They can color a circle or add a sticker (check out Brenna’s site later this week for some fun stickers) every time they act like a Super Kid!

Free Printable Super Kids Goal Chart {Help your kids keep track of the great things they do on the road to becoming Super Kids!}

You don’t have to use this chart to work on putting others first.  You can use it to help kids develop any Super Hero-worthy quality you can think of!  Want kids to be super room cleaners?  How about super friendsSuper helpers?  It all works!  Be creative.

Download Project Super Kids Goal Setting Chart

Ready to try it?  All you have to do to get started is click on the “Click to Download” button.  Your kids will be on their way to “Super” in no time!  (Is it just me, or do I sound like an infomercial?)

Click here to download Super Kids Goal Chart

The download includes two versions of the chart and my terms of use page.  Enjoy!

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I’m so glad you stopped by today.  Have a great day, and come back soon!

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  1. You did a wonderful job on this chart! It is perfect and I can’t wait to start working on this with my son. Thank you so much, Heidi!

  2. I love this chart Heidi! Great for kids ….wait…I may have to make one for myself too! It would be great for goal setting!

  3. Awesome idea! A great way to build your child’s confidence and self esteem in bring able to help others!! Stopping by n the Hit Me with Your Best Shot Linky Party #12 to say Hi!! :)

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