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Gardening for Dummies: Companion Planting {Free Printable}

SPRING is here (in my neck of the woods), and it’s time to get the garden ready!  I am on year four of my desert garden adventure, and things just keep getting better!  Now that I have learned (through trial and error) what grows well in the desert, I’m ready to focus on what plants … Read More

The Ultimate List of Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing on Pinterest

Today I’m breaking from my typical blog post by sharing some gems for bloggers and small business owners. It’s time to learn how to drive traffic to your site thought Pinterest. If you’ve been treating it like just another social media outlet, then you’ve been doing it wrong! It’s time to change your pinterest marketing … Read More

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The cutest Easter Bingo game for your family!

It’s almost Easter time, and you know what a new holiday means? It’s time for a new Bingo game! I’ve got an adorable set of Easter Bingo boards for you today. This year is passing so quickly that I can’t believe it’s March already. Maybe it’s the extra cool weather that has me behind. I … Read More

How to Enjoy Your Garden Spinach All Year Long!

Well, it finally happened. The weather got too hot, and my spinach started bolting. 16 square foot garden squares with nine spinach plants each (all very full) is a lot of spinach to eat at once! We’ve just been picking what we needed all spring and leaving the rest to keep growing. Time to pick … Read More

One simple tool to protect plants from frost

If you are a great gardener, you probably remember to check the weather nightly during the spring to make sure that the temperatures aren’t going to freeze overnight and destroy your seedlings. You’re smart enough to have a plan for protecting plants from frost. Or– you’re more like me — not quite so prepared. My … Read More

St Patricks Day Printable Greeting Card

Only a few days until Valentine’s Day, and I’m already thinking green. St. Patrick’s Day green, that is. I’m not quite ready to de-pink the house, but I am ready to add a few shamrocks. In honor of a holiday that is fun for me simply because I get to wear green and talk like a … Read More

Must-Have Canning Tools

One of the best things about Fall is the abundance of inexpensive, yummy fruit–fresh from the tree. If you haven’t tried canning or drying fruit, this is the time of year to give it a shot. Since I’m getting ready to bottle peaches and pears today, I thought I’d share my must-have canning tools. These … Read More

Easter Story Resurrection Eggs

I love Easter.  Not because of the bunnies and candy, but because of the chance to focus on the beautiful, true story of the life, sacrifice and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Yes, the Easter Bunny comes to our house, but he isn’t the focus.  We try to spend the entire month before Easter … Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Hair for Girls

Since my favorite color is green, St. Patrick’s day is right up my alley.  Not only do I get to speak with an Irish accent all day (I know–I’m a little nuts sometimes), but I get to wear my favorite color and lots of it!  Unfortunately, the uniform colors at my kids’ school do not … Read More