#DisneyBeauties $1000 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes

Do you know a little Princess who deserves royal treatment? Enter for a chance to win #DisneyBeauties $1000 Shopping Spree! Find rules and enter sweepstakes here: POSTLINK. Prize: $1000 Walmart gift card Ends: 11/30/14. #ad

I'm thrilled to finally announce the $1000 secret I've been talking about all week!  Who wants to win a shopping spree and make all of your princess dreams come true?  I hope you're all jumping up and down, saying, "Me!  Me!"  Keep reading to find out how to win, and good luck! How do you … Read More

Adorable Sock Snowman Kids Craft and Winter Decor

Do you want to build a snowman?  Forget the snow, and grab some socks to create an adorable sock snowman instead! {Christmas kids craft or Winter decor? You choose!} OneCreativeMommy.com

You won't need snow when you build these adorable snowmen.  Don't let the freezing temperatures keep you from having fun as a family.  Just grab a few pairs of socks and some rice, and get building your indoor sock snowman.  This kids craft is so simple that you'll have a whole snowman family to decorate … Read More

25 Gluten Free Thanksgiving Desserts

25 Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes to amaze your guests! There's an image for every recipe, so get ready to drool! {OneCreativeMommy.com}

When I shared 60+ Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving, I probably left some of you wondering . . . . What about dessert?  Well, quit wondering, because today I'm sharing 25 Fabulous Gluten Free Desserts!  Get ready to drool, because these recipes look amazing!  (The hardest part will be deciding which to try first!) Drool-worthy … Read More

Caramel Apple Pops

Caramel Apple Pops pack all the flavor of a caramel apple with a manageable serving size. These fancy apple slices on a stick are perfect for a tasting party or as a neighbor gift. {OneCreativeMommy.com} Caramel candy recipe included.

Raise your hand if you are a caramel apple fan.  For those of you "virtually" hopping up and down yelling, "Me, me!" this post is for you!  I LOVE caramel apples, but they are so messy to eat!  And then there are all the different flavors.  It's tough to commit to a whole apple when there are so … Read More

Internet Safety for Kids

Are your kids safe online? Check out these Simple Internet Safety Tips, and share them with your kids today! {OneCreativeMommy.com} #ShareAwesome {Parenting Tips}

The internet is awesome. Any information we want is just a few keystrokes and button clicks away. Unfortunately, dangerous images and information are just as easy to access--by us and by our children. If we want our families to be safe, we must teach children to make positive and safe decisions online. I'm happy to partner with the … Read More

Terra Cotta Snowman Craft

Snow or no snow, bring a little Winter cheer to your home this Christmas with an adorable DIY Snowman Family! {OneCreativeMommy.com} #ChristmasDecor #SnowmanCraft #terracotta

I'll admit it.  I'm kind of addicted to snowmen.  It doesn't snow much here in the desert, but I love to fill my home with their cheery faces as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is all cleaned up!  I made this family of Terra Cotta Snowmen in the early days of my marriage, and I thought … Read More

60+ Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes!

60+ Delicious Recipes for a Gluten Free Thanksgiving {OneCreativeMommy.com} Arranged by category with a photo for every recipe! Plan your meal today.

Just because you eat gluten free does not mean that your Thanksgiving dinner can't be amazing!  I've rounded up fantastic recipes from my favorite bloggers around the web to create the perfect menu for a Gluten Free Thanksgiving.  I've included an image for every recipe, and they're organized by category to simplify your search.  Enjoy … Read More

Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids

Easy Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids {OneCreativeMommy.com} Thanksgiving Craft and Decor

It's that time again. I'm guest posting on Juggling Act Mama! Today I'm sharing a quick and easy Pinecone Turkey Craft for Kids. RELATED: Turkey Motivational Point Cards: Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Frustrated Parents, Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Aren't they cute?  The original was created by Boo when she was in kindergarten.  Since all of … Read More

Creamed Onions {Gluten Free Thanksgiving}

Creamed Onions pair perfectly with turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes. Dress up your holiday meal with my delicious gluten free version! {Thanksgiving side dish recipe}

What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Next to Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole (which is absolutely heavenly), mine has to be Creamed Onions.  I love to eat them with a bite of turkey, stuffing, or mashed potatoes.  They make everything taste better.  Since we went gluten free a few years ago, creamed onions left the holiday … Read More