DIY Kids Computer Desk Station

Build a Family Computer Desk on a Budget! {I made mine almost completely with second hand materials}

I love my home, but it has a few narrow rooms that are difficult to work with.  When I decided to turn one long narrow room into a den with a family computer desk station, I faced a major challenge in finding affordable desks.  I gave up on buying them, and made my own instead! … Read More

Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Door Decorating

10 Awesome Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Door Decorating from

It's that fantastic time of year again when we get to thank teachers for their hard work!  We just finished Teacher Appreciation week at our school, and it was so fun to see all the thoughtful things that the parents did for the teachers.  We were spoiled -- absolutely spoiled!  My lunch from Monday stayed … Read More

LDS General Conference Quotes — Free Printables!

Some of my favorite inspirational quotes from LDS General Conference {Printables from}

What did you do this weekend?  I had a great time with my family watching the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also called the LDS or Mormon church).  Today I'm sharing two of my favorite General Conference quotes as free printables!  (The download link is at the end of … Read More

14 Unique Easter Egg Ideas

Ready to try something new this Easter? Check out these 14 Unique Easter Egg Ideas from some of my favorite bloggers! {} Decorating will never be the same!

I love the magic of dunking hard-boiled eggs into colored water and watching the white change into a beautiful new color.  It never gets old.  I think it's fun every year, but that doesn't mean I won't try something new.  I've collected 14 unique Easter egg ideas to share with you.  I wonder which my … Read More

You’ve Been Egged! {Free Printables}

Easter "Egg" Your Neighbors with this fun neighborhood Easter Activity! -- You've Been Egged! {Free Printables on}

When it comes to teaching my kids about vandalism, I'm a really good mom.  Treating other people's property and belongings with respect is a skill every kid should have.  But--I make an exception (or should I say, "egg"-ception) every April.  Come Spring, we egg as many of our neighbors' houses as possible! You've Been Egged! … Read More

Meaningful Easter Activities for All Ages

Create meaningful Easter activities for children of all ages with my Free Printable "Walk With Jesus Easter Activity Guide {} Free Printable

There was a time when I thought community Easter Egg hunts were the best thing about Easter for little kids.  What could be better than an entire field of colored eggs--ripe for the picking?  Well, my opinion changed right after they rang the bell to start the first hunt. The smiling, excited children quickly transformed … Read More

Easter Story Resurrection Eggs

Help your kids focus on the real meaning of Easter with Easter Story Resurrection eggs {Week-long activity from}

I love Easter.  Not because of the bunnies and candy, but because of the chance to focus on the beautiful, true story of the life, sacrifice and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Yes, the Easter Bunny comes to our house, but he isn't the focus.  We try to spend the entire month before Easter … Read More

Easy DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

No more lost teeth or coins! Make things simple for the Tooth Fairy with an Easy DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow! {}

Do you have Tooth Fairy trouble at your house?  Do teeth sometimes fall off the bed before she arrives?  Or, are your kids such light sleepers that the Tooth Fairy can't seem to find their teeth without waking them up?  Do the kids sometimes wake up to find their tooth gone, but the money nowhere … Read More

Super Kids Goal Setting Chart

Free Printable Super Kids Goal Chart {Help your kids keep track of the great things they do on the road to becoming Super Kids!}

Do your kids like Super Heroes?  Do they wish they were Super Heroes?  (I know mine definitely wish they could fly like a Super Hero!  Me, too--now that I think about it!) Last week, Brenna (from Life After Laundry) asked me to make a special goal chart for her kids.  She wanted a way for … Read More