Make Family Scripture Study Fun with Drawn In!

Make family scripture study fun for the whole family with Drawn In {These videos have transformed our family scripture study! So much fun.} #scripturestudy #lds #bookofmormonstories

With most churches shut down due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to study the scriptures together as a family at home. I’m sure that for some families, studying the scriptures together is easy. But, if you’re family is anything like mine, family scripture study is tough! We’ve recently discovered a new way to study that makes us all happy — a program called Drawn In.

Drawn In video series for Come Follow Me - Fun for the whole family! #scripturestudy #lds #bookofmormonstories #drawnin #comefollowme

What is Drawn In?

Drawn In is a super fun video series created by artist and author, David Bowman. Since he began his career as a Seminary teacher for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he has loads of experience bringing the scriptures to life for kids.

For example, check out this super fun clip from my family’s favorite Drawn In video:

So, how is Drawn In special? David combines his artistic talent, his goofy sense of humor, and his love for the scriptures to create playful and engaging videos that are perfect for the whole family! The videos are geared toward kids, but they are so entertaining that even my teenagers enjoy them and learn from them. My hubby and I love them, too. I think I’d watch them even if my kids were all grown up.

Family scripture study in real life

Before I tell you more about Drawn In, let me be real for a minute. I wish that I could say that my whole family loves studying scriptures and learning about the gospel. I wish that I could tell you that every member of my family gets excited when I say, “It’s time for family scripture study!” I wish I could say that there is no contention in my home about reading the scriptures. But, that would be a lie.

As painful as it is to admit and to live with, not all of my kids are interested in Jesus Christ, God, or church. Scripture study is tough. Really tough.

The only time it’s easy is the two times a week that we watch Drawn In. The videos are so fun (and it’s so cool to watch David draw the characters) that everyone breathes a sigh of relief when it’s Drawn In night. We laugh, we sing along, and we talk. Even the one pretending not to watch gives herself away when she accidentally lets out a giggle or two.

Drawn In has changed family scripture study dramatically at our house. But, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Drawn In will miraculously bring your wayward children back to church. (I wish, but I’m afraid there’s no Easy Button for softening hearts.) I’m just saying that Drawn In makes learning fun, gives you easy ways to talk about the gospel, and dramatically lessens the “Do we have to?” moments.

Drawn In is free June 21-July 5, 2020!

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself! (But be sure to come back so that I can give you a coupon code.) Follow this link to get the entire Drawn In series for free until July 5th. When you are sure your family loves it, pop back here and keep reading to get a coupon code for 10% off a year membership to Drawn In.

Drawn In fits perfectly with Come Follow Me

If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you know that there was a big change in January of 2019. Sunday church was shortened by one hour, and a family home scripture study program called Come Follow Me was introduced. What perfectly inspired timing to prepare us for teaching our families at home during the quarantine!

David’s videos are created to correlate perfectly with the Come Follow Me program. He releases two videos each week that go with the Come Follow Me scriptures for that week. He even includes cool coloring pages and challenge sheets that match the principles taught in his lessons. (And you can expect new videos to go with Come Follow Me next year, as well.)

Artist and author David Bowman makes studying the scriptures so much fun. Watch scripture stories come to life. Fun for the whole family! #scripturestudy #lds #bookofmormonstories #drawnin #comefollowme

10% off coupon code

When you’re ready to make family scripture study fun all year long, head here to sign up for your membership. Add the subscription to your cart, and then enter the coupon code 1CreativeMom to get a special 10% discount on your yearly membership.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have full access to all of the videos, PDF coloring and challenge pages, and special offers from

Try a free sample!

Want a sample of what’s going on right now in Come Follow Me and Drawn In? David gave me permission to share a full episode right here! Remember when Ammon protects the king’s sheep in a really heroic way? You’re gonna love how the story comes to life here.

And I love the challenge to apply the scriptures to real life by Observing and Serving. (My family has been trying to do that this week, and it’s going much better than I expected.)

Why Drawn In?

I am not being paid to share this idea with you. I will earn a small commission if you purchase a subscription, but my main purpose is to share these amazing videos with you. We’ve been watching them now for three months, and we love them.

I hope your family will watch the scriptures come alive as David draws the stories, helps kids apply them to their lives today, and entertains everyone with silly songs and his one-of-a-kind humor!

You’ll find several of his best videos for free on his website and youtube, so even if you don’t want a subscription, be sure to check those out to use for a nice change to family night.

Happy studying! I hope life gets back to normal soon.

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