Must-Have Dinosaur Lunchbox Jokes for Kids

Aren't these dinosaur lunchbox jokes the cutest? I can't wait to send them with my kids. {} Free Printables #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #dinosaurs #printable #free

I’m finally creating lunchbox jokes that are more fit for boys! These super cool dinosaur lunchbox jokes are perfect to send your boys (and girls) to school with a smile. I’ve always loved to create lunchbox jokes, but I realized recently that many of the images on the jokes are more geared toward girls.  (After all, I only have daughters.) Now that I’ve covered all of the holidays during the school year, it’s time to make some new sets with non-holiday themes. What do you think of my first set? Keep reading to get your free dinosaur lunchbox jokes.

These dinosaur lunchbox jokes are going to make my kids so happy! {} Free Printables #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #dinosaurs #printable #free

Dinosaur Lunchbox Jokes

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I’m so happy that the school year is coming to an end. Now that Spring Break is over, it’s getting harder and harder for the kids (and mom) to stay motivated. How about you? Have you hit burnout yet? I’ve really been enjoying getting a lot of home improvement projects finished while the kids are at school, but it’s time for a break. No more nagging the kids to get homework done. I’m ready for summer!

It’s getting harder and harder to get the kids up for school, but I’m keeping the lunchtime routine fun with lots of lunchbox jokes. Since my new dinosaur lunchbox jokes are totally different from their normal jokes, I’m really excited to see how they are received.

These dinosaur lunchbox jokes are going to make my kids so happy! {} Free Printables #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #dinosaurs #printable #free

I bet you’re ready to get your free lunchbox jokes. Click on the link below to open a pdf file of a week of dinosaur lunchbox jokes.

Click to download file from One Creative Mommy

If you’d like a full set of 22 dinosaur lunchbox jokes, click the link below to head to my Etsy Shop for the full set.

These dinosaur lunchbox jokes are going to make my kids so happy! {} Free Printables #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #dinosaurs #printable #free

You’ll find all of my lunchbox jokes and bingo game sets here. Check out the video below to see how I print and use these jokes. The jokes featured in the video are from my Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Jokes set.

Do you ever wonder where I find all of my jokes? I get most of them from a website called Fun Kids Jokes. If you are searching for good, clean, family-friendly jokes, that site is a great place to start. They have jokes for tons of different themes. If you have any joke fanatics at your house, you may want to check it out. (Or, if you have too many joke fanatics at your house, you might want to block the website!

Need more jokes? I combined all of my jokes from here and Etsy into one giant Mega Pack with 22o jokes! It includes 22 new jokes only included in the Mega Pack. Find it here.

Send your kids to school every day this year with a joke to keep them smiling. 220 clever and cute lunchbox jokes in one inexpensive bundle! { on Etsy} #lunchboxjokes #schoollunch #lunchboxlovenotes

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you like the new jokes. I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while. I’ve been working on a lot of home improvement projects, and it will take some time to edit video and get the ideas ready to share with you. (I’m really excited about my banister makeover, and I hope to have it posted soon.)

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  1. Cristina Petrini says

    Brilliant idea as well as brilliant, but also sweet! Fantastic!

  2. These are some awesome jokes! I need to put some in my children’s lunches. They will be amused.

  3. What an amazing site you have. Full of fabulous ideas. Love the Jokes for the lunchboxes too. I’ll be heading back here for sure as it’s jam packed with stuff to do. Awesome!

  4. Anatoliy Simeonov says

    Now I will show this article to everyone with kids at home!

  5. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

    What a great way to keep kids looking forward to lunchtime. It is also good that you found time to make such amazing creations. Hats off to you and your creativity.

  6. Dalene Ekirapa says

    ‘What happened after the dinosaur took the school bus home?” Haha…now I find that hilarious. Kids would love that one too…I wonder how they would be reacting to it.

  7. Lol, love them. It’s a great idea to send little joke notes in lunch. I wish , I got them during my school age. They are adorable.

  8. Stephanie Parrell says

    this is so cute! Great for kids on summer break

  9. Brittany Vantrease says

    These are adorable! My son would really love these.

  10. Alexandra Cook says

    These are such a cute idea to make the kids smile while they eat their lunch. I am so copying your idea!

  11. Aww this is such a cute and fun idea! I love the creativity you put into each one, super clever!

  12. This is such a cute idea!! I need to start doing this! I would have loved it as a kid and I know my kids would love it too!

  13. Those area all really so cute there. I know my daughter would have had a lot of fun with these. She loves good humor and she would have had a blast sharing them with her friends.

  14. LiveLoveAndAdventure says

    These are amazing, such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing them! I am going to tell my daughter since she has 3 young children that she packs lunches for. These would be perfect!!

  15. Enriqueta E Lemoine says

    You are so creative… I wish I had something like this when my boys went to Elementary!

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