The cutest Valentine Lunch Box Jokes! Free Printables

Hi, everyone! Are you staying warm this January? I was just starting to think it was warming up, and it got cold again. Spring will not come fast enough for me. I have a new printable to brighten up your kids’ lunches for the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day: Valentine Lunch Box Jokes!

Cheer up your kids' lunch box with these clever and adorable Valentine Lunch Box jokes! Free printables {} #valentine #valentinejokes #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #valentinesday #schoollunch

These adorable Lunch Box love notes are perfect to bring a smile to your kids’ face every day. Just pop one in their lunch box before you send them to school.

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Cheer up your kids' lunch box with these clever and adorable Valentine Lunch Box jokes! Free printables {} #valentine #valentinejokes #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #valentinesday #schoollunch

We almost had a lunch disaster today. I made lunches before school, as usual. When I dropped off my youngest, we discovered that she had forgotten her lunch box. The school isn’t very far away, so I promised to take it to the school when I got home. Well, I was expecting company at 10, and I wanted to get to work on my New Year’s resolution, so I walked on the treadmill and hurried to the shower to get ready for company (never re-entering the kitchen). Company stayed for a while, and I politely ignored my cell phone when it rang while we were talking.

What did I notice when I went into the kitchen to fix my lunch? A cute little pink lunch box sitting on the counter. Aahhh! I forgot all about it! And what message was waiting on my cell phone? You guessed it. My little one calling to check if I was going to bring her lunch. Luckily, I made it to the school with her lunch in time. Good thing she had a sweet Valentine lunch box joke waiting in her pink box to make her smile after that stressful morning!

Cheer up your kids' lunch box with these clever and adorable Valentine Lunch Box jokes! Free printables {} #valentine #valentinejokes #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #valentinesday #schoollunch

What was your favorite thing about school lunch as a child? (I was a super picky eater who hated sandwiches, so I ate a lot of hot lunch. Bless my poor mom.) My kids love finding little surprises in their lunch. Whether it’s a treat they don’t usually get to have or a rare juice box, they like getting something different and fun. These Valentine lunch box jokes definitely add some fun!

I’m sure you’ve seen Valentine jokes all over the web, but have you seen any with as cute graphics as these? I’ve collected graphics from some great designers (I’ll list them at the end) to create this collection. Your kids are going to love receiving these and sharing them with their friends at school.

This free set has 8 unique cards, and you can get another equally adorable set in my brand new Etsy store! I recommend laminating your cards so that you can use them year after year.

Cheer up your kids' lunch box with these clever and adorable Valentine Lunch Box jokes! Free printables {} #valentine #valentinejokes #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #valentinesday #schoollunch

Click the download link below to open a pdf of the printable file. You can print from there or save the file to your computer to print later.

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Want more adorable Valentine lunch box jokes?
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Cheer up your kids' lunch box with these clever and adorable Valentine Lunch Box jokes! {} #valentine #valentinejokes #lunchboxjokes #lunchboxlovenotes #valentinesday #schoollunch

The clipart from these cards is from Jessica Sawyer, Ellie Lash (she no longer has a store), Cherry Clipart and me.

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  1. That is surely amusing and entertaining to see when you open your lunch box. Those cards are cute, love the colors!

  2. These are really great and pretty, I am sure they would make any lunch fun to carry and have. I never carried lunch when I was younger. I used to go home and eat.

  3. emmanuel damian says:

    I love this Valentine Lunch Box Jokes! Free Printables. I think my niece and nephews will love it too. It will make them happy.

  4. I just love these! My daughter would get a kick out of them, so I might have to print some out. My son is 15 and would probably be like, “Really Mom?” But I still might put one in his lunch ;)

  5. This post reminds me how we’re almost done with the first month of the year time just flying by. But the valentine lunch box look amazing and are a great V-day gift for kids.

  6. These are fantastic! I love lunch box notes(my daughters do too!) thank you!

  7. Ann F. Snook-Moreau says:

    Oh my gosh, these are precious! I don’t have any kids but I might send some of these in my husband’s lunch as a Valentine’s Week surprise.

  8. Really nice and fun lunch box idea very creative. Think my son will love these

  9. Cathleen @ A Taste of Madness says:

    Oh no!! That sounds unfortunate. I’m glad you made it in time!
    I had to make my own lunches growing up…so I would just pack a box of crackers or not bring anything at all. Not that fun. I wish I had someone making a lunch with a cute joke in it!

  10. This is a super creative idea! So adorable. This is something my daughter’s would love!

  11. All the ideas are cute. I especially like the valentine’s lunch box as it makes a statement to all that this kid is loved.

  12. Agentszerozerosetter says:

    How cute! Love the adorable subjects on them, how colorful they are and the sweet phrases on!

  13. Lunchbox jokes are so awesome. It is such a simple way to make the kids smile while at school.

  14. These are so cute and funny. I am going to use them on my son’s lunch without letting him know. I bet he’ll love it. Thx

  15. I haven’t packed a lunch box in forever! These printables are so adorable! I love them.

  16. It does look like such a cute Valentine’s Day lunch box. I am sure my daughter would appreciate something done with this kind of care for her. And she always likes crafty things.

  17. I love these! They are so cute! I want some one to leave them in my lunch everyday! Bingo is a hoot too!

  18. I love a cute printable especially Vday since its my favorite holiday. These are cute and I love the design!

  19. Talk about an awesome printable for Valentine’s! I’m pretty sure any child who opens his or her lunchbox would be delighted to see these jokes. Such a nice way to make them smile while they’re busy in school!

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