The cutest Coco Printable Valentines!

Have you seen Coco yet? My family saw it over Christmas vacation, and we loved it. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d create a Coco printable Valentine in honor of the movie.

This free Coco printable Valentine is the cutest! The kids are going to love it this Valentine's Day! {} #coco #printablevalentine #classroomvalentine #valentine #disneycoco

Coco Printable Valentine

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What was your favorite part of Coco? I loved that it reminded me of the importance of teaching my children about their heritage. The Day of the Dead is not part of my culture, but I found myself wishing that I could do something like that with my family. Then I remembered Memorial Day (another holiday intended to honor the dead) is a part of my culture. Perhaps it’s time to take that holiday a little bit more seriously, or to simply tell more stories about my family every day. Something to think about for sure.

These free Coco printable Valentines are the cutest! The kids are going to love them this Valentine's Day! {} #coco #printablevalentine #classroomvalentine #valentine #disneycoco

Anyway — back to the Coco printable Valentine! I loved the Un Poco Loco song from the movie, and I thought it made a perfect caption for my Valentine. (For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, “un poco loco” means a little bit crazy.) So, if there’s a special boy or girl who makes you feel a little bit crazy, this Valentine is just for you!

These free Coco printable Valentines are the cutest! The kids are going to love them this Valentine's Day! {} Three choices for layout #coco #printablevalentine #classroomvalentine #valentine #disneycoco

I created the Coco printable Valentine in three different formats — two jpg files that you can have printed on photo paper, and one pdf file (with three to a page) that can be printed from your home printer on card stock. The two jpg files are slightly different. One (pictured above left) is meant to be trimmed on the edges so that you can use a hole punch on the card and insert a pixie stick. The other (pictured center) is meant to be used as is, without a pixie stick.

To insert the pixie stick, punch a hole at the top and bottom of the guitar with a hole punch. Before inserting the pixie stick, use a pencil or pen to enlarge the holes slightly. If you skip that step, the pixie stick will fit too tightly, and it might break open.

I’m trying something new

As always, my printables and tutorials are free, but today I’m starting something a little bit different. People have asked for an option to donate something in exchange for my printables. You can still download my printables for free, as usual. But — if you would like to make a donation to my site as a thank you for the Valentine, please feel free to do so by clicking on the Site Donation Paypal button below. Any donation you make helps me bring you new ideas. Thank you!

Download your Coco Printable Valentine

Do you have a kiddo who will love these Valentines? Get yours by clicking on the download button below.

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  1. These are so cute! My daughters class is going to love them!

  2. These are really adorable and I’m sure anyone would love to receive them.

  3. While I don’t even wanna think of Valentine’s Day already, I have to admit that these are really cute. Good job!

  4. There is actually a song from Coco that I love from Fall Out Boy but I have to say that I have not had the chance to watch the actual film yet! I really hope that In can see it soon and I think that your themed printables are so adorable x

  5. These are really cute! I’m not sure what kind of Valentines my daughter is going to want to pass out this year.

  6. Those are totally adorable! Kids are going to really love receiving these this year.

  7. Oh my goodness how cool are those Coco printables, I have to admit I’ve not even started to think of Valentines yet but this is a good start.

  8. These are such cute printables! I have yet to catch the CoCo movie, but I’ve read great reviews.

  9. I just asked my daughter about Valentines Day today. We haven’t see this movie yet I saw it was mentioned on the Golden globes so now we really need to see it.

  10. These are so adorable! Seriously considering printing these out for my adult Valentine’s Day! :)

  11. What a beautiful idea! Coco is my all time favorite Pixar movie, I’m Mexican and we have celebrated Day of the Dead all my life and I feel so proud and happy that we can share it with the world. So glad you like it too.

  12. The Coco Printable Valentine looks so adorable and cute! I should get one for my niece.

  13. corinne & kirsty says

    the coco printables are so so cute! i have seen the trailer and i can’t wait to see it! maybe i should get a print for my sister!

  14. The Coco Printable Valentine look absolutely adorable! I am certainly printing these out!

  15. Aishwarya Shenolikar says

    These Valentine’s cards look so cute! I haven’t watched Coco yet, but it seems to be really cute, I suppose!

  16. Blair villanueva says

    These are cute printables, perfect for Coco-themed parties :)
    I haven’t watch it yet, and I heard they won a grammy award!

  17. You just reminded me I need to see Coco. So cute and I love the creativity of this Vday printable!

  18. Oh boy! These are really cute. I hadn’t heard of Coco earlier.. and they are just in time for the next reason to celebrate ;) Cheers!!

  19. Shevoneese McFarlane says

    These look super cute and funny. Would be great for kids and birthday parties.

  20. the coco printables are so so cute!

  21. Thank you for sharing!! My kids also love Coco, this will be a big surprise for them

  22. Hi Creative Mommy, Tonight, Sunday March 17, around 11:00 I started downloading the St. Patrick’s Day BINGO. Oh no!
    I ran out of ink with 2 pages remaining from the first download. Of course I messed up inserting a new ink cartridge so my wonderful husband came to my rescue. I then printed the last tw0 pages of the first download. When I went back to down-load the second file I couldn’t find it. I have looked everywhere. Boo Hoo. Would it be possible for you to send me the second download. I wanted to use these tomorrow for my TOPS ladies who are all in their late seventies and eighties. They love BINGO! Do you think you could help me out? Sending thanks in advance. Joyce Novak

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