Chinese New Year Bingo Game

I thought that I was finally done creating bingo games, but I came across this adorable Chinese New Year clipart, and I knew I had to make one more! This game is perfect just for fun or for teachers who teach units about China. I hope you enjoy Chinese New Year bingo!

This Chinese New Year bingo game is perfect for the classroom or for fun at home. {} #chinesenewyear #bingo #familyfun #printable

Chinese New Year Bingo Game

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It seems like my kids do a unit on China every couple of years in school. Since I spent 4 months teaching school in China during college, it’s fun to get out all of my Chinese souvenirs to show my girls when they start studying China. (I spent way to much money on things I’ll never need, so at least I have a reason to get them out once in a while!) I was in China from September to December, so I missed the Chinese New Year celebration. I wish I had been able to see it.

This Chinese New Year bingo game is perfect for the classroom or for fun at home. {} #chinesenewyear #bingo #familyfun #printable

If I were in elementary school, I would enjoy playing this Chinese New Year bingo game as part of my China unit. If I were still a teacher, I’d enjoy having something fun to do with my unit that I didn’t have to make myself. It’s a win win!

How to Play:

Since this game is obviously different than traditional Bingo, here’s how it works: Cut the two pages of calling cards into individual cards and put them into a bag or hat. To play, pull a card out of the hat and call out what is on the card (or just show the card). Players look for that picture on their card and cover it up with a marker or jelly bean. Continue pulling cards from the bag one at a time until someone gets five in a row. (You cannot play blackout because every card has every picture on it. This game is meant to be played for traditional five-in-a-row bingo only.)

This Chinese New Year bingo game is perfect for the classroom or for fun at home. 30 unique game boards {} #chinesenewyear #bingo #familyfun #printable

Ready to download? Click on the download image (with the three dots) below. Clicking the image will open up the pdf file in a new window. You can print from there or save the file to your computer to print later. This game includes 8 unique game boards and one set of calling cards. It’s the perfect amount of Bingo cards to play in small groups. If you are looking for a class set, keep reading.

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Do you prefer to play Chinese New Year bingo in a large group or with the entire class at once? No worries. A class set of 30 unique game boards can now be found in my Etsy store. Click the button below to visit my store.

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  1. These are really beautiful and I do love how colourful they are.

  2. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh says

    That is totally cute! What a fun game for kids to play. I am sure my daughter would enjoy it.

  3. These games look really fun to play. Its colorful and will definitely attract the children to play.

  4. It must have been a great experience to be able to teach in a Chinese school! This Bingo version is so cute! Thank you for sharing!

  5. This sounds like a great game that I would love to play. Love all the colors in this game.

  6. Tee Vaughn/curlywhippedtee says

    This is such a great idea. I love the clip art and china theme.

  7. What a fun game! You just reminded me to add a game night in this weekend.

  8. This would be fun to add to a Chinese unit. I however think it’s fun just to change Bingo around. What other game can you do that too?

  9. This would be so much fun to play! I’ll have to get these for my kids. You did a wonderful job on them!

  10. corinne & kirsty says

    Aww this bingo game looks so cute! perfect for the kids! I have never played bingo! maybe this could help me learn ahah

  11. Patricia-Ann Que says

    how fun and colorful is that! i like this new twist and also a good learning opportunity!

  12. This is such a creative idea, and a good way for kids to learn something about another culture in a fun way!

  13. This is such a lovely, colourful resource! Thank you for sharing it! It would serve as a great activity for beginning a lesson on China/Chinese New Year.

  14. What a fun idea for a game to help see in the Chinese New Year, I bet it is lots of fun for children to play while they can learn about the traditions as well.

  15. Heather @ Kraus House Mom says

    What a cute idea. It’s so great when kids learn about different cultures. I taught ESL and my students taught me so much.

  16. Great games. Would surely recommend it to my younger friends.

  17. Oh so cute! looks fun to game compare to regular bingo. We will try this next time.

  18. These is great game with family very fun and colorful. What a very creative craft.

  19. What an interesting game for family night. I’m loving the different characters, too!

  20. Wow, this is a cool and fun idea. I need to learn this so I can share with my friends and we can do this over our slumber party for next month.

  21. Amila Wickramarachchi says

    Seems like an interesting game for a family night.We are waiting for the Chinese New Year holidays in next month,I guess we can play this game.

  22. This is such a creative idea, I however think it’s fun just to change Bingo around. What other game can you do that too?

  23. This game looks great, and perfect for teaching about CNY-related topics :)
    Thank you for sharing!

    With love from a mum in Singapore,

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