The Year’s Most Popular Parenting Tips!

Who’s ready for 2017? I’m bringing the new year in with a bang — two sick kids and throw up bowls all over the house. Yippee! We really know how to party around here! Sick kids aside, start the new year right with some amazing parenting ideas for the new year. Check out my top 5 parenting tips posts for 2016.

This year's most popular parenting tips! {} Top 5 best advice posts for parents
#1: Entertain Screen Free with Busy Bags

Love these busy bags! Lots of ideas for keeping kids entertained and learning on the go or while I get my work done. {}

Parents must be really interested in keeping their kids busy and screen free because the top parenting tip of 2016 is 35+ Best Busy Bags for Toddlers and Preschool. You’re sure to find lots of great busy bags to entertain your kids in the car, at home, at church, and at the doctor’s office.

#2: Increase Family Happiness by Getting Rid of Toys!

It is possible for kids to have too much of a good thing. Find out how getting rid of most of our toys made us a happier family! {}

Back in 2014, we got rid of most of the kids’ toys, and it made a huge difference! Find our how getting rid of toys will make your family happier, too. Now that Christmas is over, it’s probably time for another purge.

#3: Travel Smart with Clever and Simple Road Trip Hacks

9 Amazing Travel Hacks for Families {} #1 is brilliant, and I can't believe I never thought of #2! So simple.

If the fun has gone out of family travel, check out these road trip hacks for families. You’ll find nine helpful hacks that are sure make travel easier. Now, if only there were a trick to shave hours off of travel time! (Besides a plane ticket.)

#4: Teach Kids How to Clean their Rooms without Help

How to Teach Children to Clean Their Rooms {} Tired of nagging kids to clean their rooms? Your kids might be overwhelmed and not know where to start. (Free Printable Reminder Cards)

Still nagging your kids to clean their rooms? Stop begging, and teach them what to do instead. Teach children to clean their rooms with step-by-step instructions and free printables. (This is effective for all ages. We’re never too old or too young to learn a system for cleaning!)

#5: Bust Boredom this Summer!

Got bored teens? Check out these awesome boredom buster ideas for teenage girls! {} 41 ideas ready to print for a Summer Boredom Buster Jar

Got bored teens and tweens? These boredom busters are sure to keep them busy this summer! Warning: These are all positive activities that are sure to build friendships and encourage service.

This year's most popular parenting tips! {} Top 5 best advice posts for parents

Are you looking for even more amazing parenting tips? Keep scrolling down for more tips from me. But wait! There’s more! I’ve joined with 9 of the coolest parenting bloggers, and we’re all sharing our top tips of 2016. Head over to The Jenny Evolution (linked below image) for links to all the roundups.

Check out this year's top parenting tips from 9 amazing parenting bloggers! {}

The Best Parenting Tips of 2016 from 9 Top Bloggers

Before you go, check out my most recent parenting ideas!

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If you’re tired of being ignored, you’ll love this trick to get your family’s attention — instantly! It’s time to reopen the lines of family communication!

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If you’re ready to teach your kids to appreciate their blessings, then it’s time for a different kind of scavenger hunt — a service scavenger hunt!

Help teens improve their communication skills with Speed Friendshipping! {} Great for YW/YM activity

Too much technology has created teens that have no idea how to talk to each other minus a phone or computer screen. Get them talking face to face again with this clever speed friendshipping game for teens!

Need help getting your introverted or shy child outside this summer? Check out these great tips! {} Parenting Tips

Finally, do you have a shy or book-loving kid that you can’t get to leave the house? Check out these great ideas to get your introverted child outside this summer!

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  1. My kids have a whole room of toys. However, the rule is taht they can have one box or basket out at a time. The playroom stays neat, and my kids actually play when they have a small selection to choose from.

    • That’s a great way to go. We started that way, too. It worked fairly well until friends came over to play. They inevitably could not follow the rules and tended to dump out everything! Guess I didn’t manage it very well!

  2. These are all great things to do in the New Year! Thanks for all the tips.. we definitely need to clean out, declutter, get rid of toys, etc. We love traveling too, and road trip tips are always helpful!

  3. We just went through the kids’ toys and donated FOUR vans full! So much better with a tidy play room!

  4. I can see how donating a bunch of toys could make the kids happier. Too many is stessful for everyone. We could use a good purging here.

  5. This is a great collection of ideas for the new year. Thanks for sharing them. Bookmarking!

  6. Such a great collection of parenting tips! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have actually been considering putting some of my kids toys away as the lounge room is getting awfully cluttered! I also love the scavenger hunt idea, takes me back to my childhood.

    • You should try putting some of the toys away, Chloe. We started by putting them in boxes to switch out later. By the time we remembered them, the kids didn’t care about most of them, and it was easy to give them away.

  8. Thank you for putting this list together – what a great reference. We often take old toys and books and donate them either at the school book fair or the community help center.

  9. These are all awesome. I need to get rid of toys, big time. My daughter has so many.

  10. I’m with you on the toys! My baby is young but we’re trying to implement “less is more”. We’ll see how it goes!

  11. Looks like a great list of posts! I love your busy bag ideas! And have been thinking about trying out less toys as well.

  12. Yes. Yes. Yes! Entertaining without screens is sooooo important and I think cleaning the room without help REALLY helps teach the kids a sense of responsibility!

  13. What amazing things to do in 2017. I truly beleive that by getting rid of toys and stuff in general you find the true purpose of what you have kept. I think we need more no screens time in our house.

  14. Really a great post. I needed it since I’m raising two boys and they sure do cleaning tips.

  15. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  16. So many great ideas here! Cant wait to come back and read again when I feel like we have nothing to do!

  17. You had so many great parenting tips in 2016. I really love your busy bags for entertaining kids without screens, and I’m going to make a few of these to have handy for when my grandkids are at my house.

    • Thanks, Julie. My favorite busy bags are always the puzzles. They’re tricky to find, but my kids always loved the simple puzzles when they were little. As a challenge, they would put them together upside down!

  18. I have to show my husband the one about getting rid of toys. There’s really no need for a playroom when it’s become more of a storage area for your toys. I’ll start small so he doesn’t notice.

  19. I love the sound of the ice breaker friendship game for teens. I think that is a real neat and original idea!

  20. This is a great collection, thanks for sharing them all.

  21. I agree with you that less is more. We donated our son’s toys to charity last Christmas and replaced with new toys but it’s less now. Trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. I’m excited to check on the travel hacks you mentioned for family travel. Great post!

    • Thanks. I’m definitely discovering that less is more. It’s been great for the kids, and I’m trying to let it spread to my life as well. I hope you enjoy the travel tips!

  22. These are great tips and ideas for the Family. I love the toys, I’ll be looking into getting some!

  23. These are all great topics. I love that you made them in to one round-up post making it easier for parents to find. I know plenty of parents who would love to read this information.

  24. These are all fantastic parenting tips! I have used a few through out last year! I can’t wait to use more this year and to see a happy little man!

  25. This was a fantastic list! I will have to check out your busy bag post!!

  26. So many amazing tips and tricks in one place! I am so diving into this as soon as I can to help me in the new year!

  27. Such a great list of tips. I especially liked the one about having less toys. Less toys means less clutter and less stress all around.

  28. What a great list of AMAZING tips!!! Thanks for sharing!

  29. I don’t have kids but they sound like good tips. I hope the kids are better soon.

  30. That’s a lot of parenting tips! I’m sure your going to post a lot more this coming year. It’s awesome to be able to share your knowledge especially for people who are just expecting their first child.

  31. These are some great tips for parents! I can see there were a lot of toys , but less is always more.
    Thanks for sharing.

  32. I love how most of the tips that were popular is how to keep your family closer together! That means a lot of parents are working on togetherness! That’s so lovely!

  33. These are really awesome tips. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Thank you for sharing! In 2016 we started our new habit of cleaning the room. Both of my daughters picked up this skill and it has become now a habit to eliminate at all times the clutter in their room. I’m proud of them and looking forward to the many things they will learn and the fun experiences they will have in 2017. I believe it is important to have this in your skill set just to clear way for what really needs your attention.

    • Wow, Lee! Congratulations to you and your daughters. That’s amazing. I wish my girls would keep that habit going. We do well for a few days, but we are having a really tough time making it a habit.

  35. So many great posts you shared! This will definitely be my reading material the next few days.

  36. I love the many ideas you share. I think most parents hoard their kids toys even when they’re too big for them. They need to sell them on ebay or give them away.

  37. I taught my kids the same thing I was taught, to clean their rooms at a young age. It isn’t a chore, it’s just something that needs to be done.

  38. Thanks so much for all of these awesome tips and suggestions! I could especially benefit from those teen summer boredom busters since my oldest turns 13 in June.

  39. Wow… some great posts filled with things we could all use this year. I’ve started purging and de-cluttering and we got rid of a ton of stuff already. Road tripping is always part of our summer your suggestions will come in handy for sure.

  40. These are really great tips for parents. I’m sure I could benefit from a few of these with my teens!

  41. Nice wide range of parenting books, Heidi. I have two kids; one is 6 and the other turning 9. As they grow older, we encounter different challenges.

    I do have a tip to help children develop their passion for reading as well as their reading skills. I have always read with my son ever since he was 4 years old in bed. Being busy during the day, his bedtime is the only time we can spend time together. As he gets older, we have encouraged taking turns. So he takes a turn reading sentence and then I’ll read a sentence. This moved on to reading a page in turns too. Definitely helped in his reading skills.

  42. Thanks so much for all of these awesome tips and suggestions!

  43. Parents can find all the things they need in this article. Thanks for yours sharing. I will share it with my viewers :)

  44. I love the road trip hacks. Once in awhile, we travel and I need some tips how to get thru it.

  45. Thanks, Sarah. I hope you found some great parenting ideas.

  46. Clark MyIndiagoCard says

    Really appreciate it. Great way to express the instinctive feelings. Thanks Sarah.

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