Summer Boredom Busters for Teens!

Summer vacation is fast approaching, and though the kids all look forward to it, their cries of glee are quickly replaced by groans of “I’m bored.” While it’s sometimes easy to send the little ones outside to play, keeping teenagers busy and away from electronics can be a lot tougher. And let’s face it — bored teens, can definitely lead to teens in trouble. Let’s keep them out of trouble with these fun boredom busters for teens!

Got bored teens? Check out these awesome boredom buster ideas for teenage girls! {} 41 ideas ready to print for a Summer Boredom Buster Jar

I have a house full of girls, so yes, these ideas are meant for girls. Sorry — Boy Moms. I’m not really sure what to do with boys! Check out the ideas, anyway. I’m sure you’ll know better than I will which ideas will transfer. :0)

Summer Boredom Busters for Teenage Girls

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Rather than come up with ideas on the fly every time my daughters get bored, I thought I’d create a Summer Boredom Busters Jar. The ideas I’m sharing today are meant for teens, but many of them can be done by tweens and younger siblings as well. The activities can be done alone or with friends or family.

Not all of the activities are purely fun. Some are serving in the community, some are serving in the home, and some are learning new skills — all things that teens need! Some will require teens to go out of their comfort zones, and some will be right up their alley.

Ready for the list? Here’s what I came up with. I’m sharing an image of all three printables combined into one page, but I’m also sharing a written list so that you can actually read it if you don’t want to download the printable. Some ideas are not on both lists. The download link is at the end of the post.

Free Printable Summer Boredom Buster Ideas and Activities for Teenage Girls {} Most will work for tweens, too! (41+ ideas ready to print!)

Boredom Buster Ideas
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Go for a long walk with a friend or two.
  • Go to the park.
  • Have a water balloon fight. (Minion-style water balloon fight) (Sponge water bombs.)
  • Visit somewhere in the community you’ve never been (museum, historical building, etc).
  • Do some yard work for an elderly neighbor.
  • Volunteer to watch the neighbor’s kids so that she can run an errand.
  • Draw on the driveway or sidewalk with chalk to create a group mural.
  • Have a sidewalk chalk art show.
  • Play hop scotch or Frisbee.
  • Have a squirt gun battle.
  • Make Q-tip and rubber band bows and arrows and have a battle.
  • Set up a tent outside and “go camping”.
  • Weed the garden.
  • Call your local homeless shelter and see what they need help with (laundry, clean bathrooms, etc).
  • Write letters to friends, family or military.
  • Wash the outside of the house windows.
  • Wash the car.
  • Help your younger siblings with a lemonade stand.
  • Walk to the nearest store and buy an ice cream cone.
  • Go to the city pool.
  • Plan a craft activity and invite neighborhood kids to come and make it.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Read a book to your younger siblings.
  • Get a group of kids together to play soccer at the park.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt.
  • Ask Mom to teach you a life skill—bake something, do the laundry, sew something.
  • Reorganize your closet.
  • Play a board game.
  • Invite friends over for a board game party. (Everyone brings their favorite board game.)
  • Write group stories. (Each of you write a few lines of a story and then pass your story on to someone else to continue where you left off. Read your silly stories aloud when you are finished.)
  • Make a music video.
  • Create a funny skit and video tape it.
  • Take a bucket of cleaning supplies to neighbor’s homes and announce that you are there to do a chore for them! Ask what they’d like help with. (Only go to neighbors you know.)
  • Visit a nursing home. Share your talents (singing, piano, etc), or just visit with or read to the residents.
  • Go to the gym and play or work out.
  • Plan an outdoor movie night.
  • Write in your journal or diary.
  • Find a local place to go hiking.
  • Plan a meal. Shop for the ingredients, and cook it! (For the family or invite friends.)
  • Jump on the trampoline.
  • Have a pogo stick contest.

Got bored teens? Check out these awesome boredom buster ideas for teenage girls! {} 41 ideas ready to print for a Summer Boredom Buster Jar

To create your boredom buster jar, simply print the list, cut out the ideas on the lines, and add more ideas on the blank slips. Stick the ideas in a jar or box, and decorate it if you’d like.  (Idea slips are about 5 1/2 ” x 1″.)

Next time you hear the magic words, “I’m bored,” send your teen to the jar to choose an idea or two. Have fun!

Click on the download image below to open up a pdf version of the free printable Boredom Buster Ideas for Teenage Girls. You can print from there or download the image to your computer to print later.

Click to download

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