Crafts for Kids {make them together!}

What’s better than crafting?  Crafting with the kids!  (Okay–Depending on the age of your kids, that’s probably debatable!)  I love kid projects because they don’t have to be perfect.  In fact, they’re more fun it they’re not!  This page is where I’m sharing all of my crafts for kids.  Here you’ll find projects and recipes that the kids can make (some with no help and some with lots).  It’s even more fun if you create the projects together.  And . . . if you’re feeling really brave and adventurous, invite some neighbor kids over, too!  Your kids will think you’re the best mom ever!

Over 100 Amazing Crafts for Kids! Fun & creative projects to make with children! {} Kids Crafts | Family Fun

I’m constantly adding new projects, so this page will grow a little more every week.  I hope you find some new favorite projects to create with your family.

Thanks for stopping by!  All the images below are linked to the corresponding project pages.  You’ll notice that some of these projects are more advanced than others, so no matter the age of your kiddo, I hope you’ll find a project that’s just right!

I can’t wait to create more kid projects to share with you.  What kind of crafts for kids would you like to see? Leave me a comment, and maybe my girls and I will try it out!

Looking for more ideas?  You might also like my Party Ideas for Kids and my DIY Projects and Ideas for School.  Have fun exploring!

Check out some of my favorite craft tools:


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  5. The crafts you have mentioned above are very classy, trendy and cool, really nice. Thank you. Yo are awesome. keep writing.

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