I’m so excited! Den makeover

Since I’m busy trying to figure out how to get my bunkbed makeover started, I’m sharing some flashback posts from my family blog.  Here’s where I transform the playroom into the den:

I have been working on a plan for our new den makeover. I’ve been planning a four-station, 16 foot long desk. My time has been spent scouring the internet for file drawer desk pedestals. We need four and some type of counter for the top of the desk. Sounds easy, but it’s not.

The best deals I could find were for metal file drawers at a mere $130–each!!!! Ye-ouch! A cabinet-maker friend in town found me some pre-fab drawers that look really nice, but they still cost as much as the metal drawers (even with a huge discount). I was a bit discouraged when I realized that the whole project–just for pedestals and the cheapest possible top could end up around $800.


Now, here’s the SO EXCITED part:

While I was out today, I passed a small carpet/tile/cabinetry shop and decided to check for a deal. Guess what? The owner owns the whole strip mall, and a new tenant happened to be moving in today. What a coincidence . . . they did not want to keep the pedestal drawers the previous tenant had been using. The pedestals don’t have a file drawer, but the price can’t be beat . . . $25 each! Yeah!!!!! (Imagine that I am doing a very cool happy dance.)

Here they are:

unfinished drawer pedestals

(They’re not shiny. That’s just the camera flash reflecting the light.)

I know . . . they don’t look that exciting. Imagine them painted brick red and distressed with a black glaze. Then imagine some really cute handles–thrift store finds–possibly even different on every pedestal. (I haven’t found those yet. I’m just imagining.)  Does that sound too wild? I have great plans for a “school house” look.

Does anyone know if it is possible to paint laminate? The fronts are real wood, but the sides are laminate. (Maybe they’ll stay plain after all.)  (*I did figure out how to paint laminate.  Stay tuned!)

I hope to have some really great before and after pics soon.

Still freaked out by the brick red? Here’s my inspiration photo from the 2005 Pottery Barn Kids catalog:

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Am I crazy? Maybe.


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