Internet Safety for Kids

The internet is awesome. Any information we want is just a few keystrokes and button clicks away. Unfortunately, dangerous images and information are just as easy to access–by us and by our children. If we want our families to be safe, we must teach children to make positive and safe decisions online. I’m happy to partner with the PTA and LifeLock to share ideas about Internet Safety for Kids.

Are your kids safe online? Check out these Simple Internet Safety Tips, and share them with your kids today! {} Parenting Tips

On Saturday, I planned a fun activity to do with the kids with a bit of a hidden agenda.  While we made caramel apple pops for the neighbors, we chatted about online safety. I was pleased that the kids knew the right things to do to be safe, but I plan to have these conversations often so that they are always prepared.

After all, just one or two clicks can easily take anyone from an innocent computer game to a dangerous site.  Kids must know how to be safe!

Are your kids safe online? Check out these Simple Internet Safety Tips, and share them with your kids today! {} Parenting Tips

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Our Family Technology Rules:

  1. Never give out personal information on a website or on social media.  (Be sure to define personal information.)
  2. No internet in the bedroom (unless permission is given and the door is open) or when Mom and Dad aren’t home.
  3. Do not click on ads and links.
  4. No chat rooms allowed.
  5. No You Tube without permission.  (Videos are not rated.  Kids can easily stumble on inappropriate content.)
  6. Use the golden rule.  Never say anything online (via text, social media, etc) that you would not say in person.  Rude and unkind behavior in the cyber world is just as unacceptable as it is in the real world. Be positive and thoughtful with what you share about yourself and about others.
  7. No internet or gaming at a friend’s house without permission from your parent.
  8. Never share or take inappropriate pictures!
  9. If you see a bad picture online, close the image and tell an adult immediately.  You are not in trouble.
  10. All gadgets that connect to the internet must be turned off and given to Mom and Dad at bedtime.

Would you add any tips to my list?  I’d love to hear them in the comments.


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  1. These are such great rules! I hope a lot of parents will see this and share these with their children.

  2. This is such an important topic and I’m glad you took the time to share your technology tips/rules with all of us! :)

  3. Really good work. It is very much necessary to have internet safety for kids, because of today’s era where internet provides lot of facility it also give a lot of damage to young generations esp kids.. So a really nice… Will really appreciate your work and will be waiting for your more work…

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