Got kids? Wow them with Halloween lunchbox jokes!

Can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner? I’m not sure if I’m ready for the candy coma, but I’m definitely ready for the cooler weather and pumpkin flavored everything. School is already starting to drag for the kids, so I’m cheering up their lunches with Halloween lunchbox jokes.

Make lunchtime amazing with cool Halloween Lunchbox Jokes. Collect them all for a joke every school day in October. {} #lunchboxjokes #halloween #lunchtime #schoollunch #lunchnotes #lunchboxnotes #jokes #printables

Halloween Lunchbox Jokes

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When school started this year, I packed lunches with these back-to-school lunchbox jokes. My youngest, who was starting her first year at middle school, was particularly excited. Every morning, she checked to make sure I remembered to add the joke. When I asked her why, she happily told me that the kids at her table always asked her for the daily joke. The jokes helped her make friends. Mission accomplished!

After that, I planned to make jokes for the entire year, but time slipped away. It’s still on my list, but I think I’ll have to do a little bit at a time. For now, I’m sharing a few Halloween Lunchbox Jokes.

Make lunchtime amazing with cool Halloween Lunchbox Jokes. Collect them all for a joke every school day in October. {} #lunchboxjokes #halloween #lunchtime #schoollunch #lunchnotes #lunchboxnotes #jokes

These Halloween Lunchbox Jokes are sure to make your kids’ day and have their whole lunch table waiting for the next joke. I can feel it in my BONES — they’ll be DYING for the next joke. These jokes will really lift their SPIRITS. They’ll LAUGH THEIR HEADS OFF. (I’m feeling very punny today.)

Download Your Jokes Here

These jokes are enough for one week of school. If you want more, I’ve created enough to fill every school day in October. (The maximum number of school days October will ever have is 22.) Click the download image below to get the free 5 jokes in pdf form. I recommend that you laminate the cards after you cut them out so that you can use them again from year to year.

Click to download file from One Creative Mommy

If you want the full set to send laughs to your kids every day in October, click the download link below to head to my Etsy shop. There, you get all 22 Halloween Lunchbox Jokes in pdf form and in 4×6 jpg form (2 to a page) so that you can print them at your local photo printing kiosk to save your printer ink.

I’ve created a video and a list of products to show you the best way to use your printables. Check them out below. (The video is based on my valentine lunchbox jokes, but it’s the same concept for all of the jokes.)

Have fun packing your kids’ lunches with a Halloween joke every school day in October (or for just the last week). The Frankenstein jokes will have your kids in STITCHES!

Everyone is sure to have a howling good time with Halloween Lunchbox Jokes! Collect them all for a joke every school day in October. {} Printables #lunchboxjokes #halloween #lunchtime #schoollunch #lunchnotes #lunchboxnotes #jokes

Need more jokes? I combined all of my jokes from here and Etsy into one giant Mega Pack with 22o jokes! It includes 22 new jokes only included in the Mega Pack. Find it here.

Send your kids to school every day this year with a joke to keep them smiling. 220 clever and cute lunchbox jokes in one inexpensive bundle! { on Etsy} #lunchboxjokes #schoollunch #lunchboxlovenotes

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  1. Ha ha! This really cracked me up. What a cool idea for kids for Halloween. We are going to finding something similar in India

  2. I need to do this for my kids! I mean, they are older, but I think they’d still giggle. Or tell me to stop putting stuff in their lunch boxes. One never knows.

  3. Haha!These lunchbox jokes are definitely funny! My favorite has to be what job the spider got on Google. Haha! Fascinating and kids would absolutely love such!

  4. These Halloween Lunchbox Jokes are absolutely adorable! I think my daughter would love them, so I have to do this for her this month!

  5. LoL, these one liners are so funny. I don’t have kids but I loved these too.

  6. My boys are into jokes. They would love these in their lunch boxes.

  7. What a cute idea! I used to write little notes to my kids on napkins in their lunches – the jokes would be a lot of fun!

  8. Simply Stephanie says

    These are so cute! Although I don’t have kids, I think this would be such a fun idea to bring into my office to put a smile on my coworkers face on Halloween!

  9. passportofawanderwoman says

    Haha..these jokes are so funny!! Which is witch. Lovely ideas and so much creativity. Have to go to Michael’s soon looking at these pics.

  10. Love the Google spidey and web designer joke. Cracked me up..Lovely concept!

  11. Ola @ WanderWithOla says

    . Wow this is such a great stuff! The lunchbox jokes are hilarious! My niece would love this !

  12. I love this idea, is so cute! Imagine only your child’s surprise when he finds one of these jokes in his or her lunch box.

  13. Kamapala Chukwuka says

    Too too cute! I love all of these…especially the lunchbox jokes!

  14. What Corinne Did says

    I am slowly getting in the halloween mode although it is not as big in the UK! Those lunchbox jokes are such a cute idea!

  15. These are such cute ideas! Will definitely try these

  16. This is such an adorable post and it brought a big smile on my face. I guess my niece will love something like this. I have to find it out here in India

  17. blair villanueva says

    These are cool Halloween joke cards! Would be nice collectible too :D
    Do you design in every seasons?

    • Thanks, Blair. So far, I have only designed jokes for Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Back-to-School. I do plan to make more. Links to my other jokes are in the post under the first image. Look for “RELATED.”

  18. My son loves any joke so he would love this ! Would be great to do anytime of the year !

  19. Awww these are so cute! My kids don’t really have lunchboxes because one is homeschooled while the other one is still in kinder and only stays there a few hours. But this is a cool idea.

  20. Wow! Stunning blog post! Such an enjoyable read! Dying to have kiddos and do cute stuff like these!

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