Adorable New Halloween Bingo Game!

If you know me very well, you might know my deep, dark secret. When it comes to designing and creating, I’m kind of a perfectionist. When something isn’t the way I want it, it bugs me. Time passes, and then it bugs me a lot! 3 years ago, I created a Halloween bingo game that has been downloaded hundreds of times. I revisited the game last week to replace a couple of images that I didn’t love. I got a little carried away and ended up creating a whole new game! So, with that crazy introduction, here’s my brand new (and I think much cuter) Halloween Bingo game.

Adorable Halloween Bingo game perfect for class parties #halloween #bingo #printable #school #backtoschool #partyideas

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Game

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How weird is it that I ended up creating a whole new game? Are any of you as crazy about things like this as I am? Once I got started changing one thing, I just couldn’t stop. There were so many cute things I wanted to include on the game. I found some adorable art on Etsy and created some of my own to match. (See the end of the post for image credits.)

Don’t worry. If you love my old game, you can still download the family set here, and the classroom set is available in my Etsy store.

What’s your favorite image in the new game? I’m kinda partial to the zombie and the spiders myself. How about you?

Adorable Halloween Bingo game perfect for class parties #halloween #bingo #printable #school #backtoschool #partyideas

How to Play:

Since this game is obviously different than traditional Bingo, here’s how it works: Cut the two pages of calling cards into individual cards and put them into a bag or hat. To play, pull a card out of the hat, and call out what is on the card (or just show the card). Players look for that picture on their card and cover it up. Continue pulling cards from the bag one at a time until someone gets five in a row. (You cannot play blackout because every card has every picture on it. This game is meant to be played for traditional five-in-a-row bingo only.)

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Adorable Halloween Bingo game perfect for class parties #halloween #bingo #printable #school #backtoschool #partyideas

Download Your Halloween Bingo Game

Okay, okay. Enough chit-chat. Are you ready for the game? You can pick up a family-size version of the game as a free download by clicking on the download button below. The link will open up a pdf in a new page. You can print from there or save the file to your computer to print later.

Click to download file from One Creative Mommy

Need more game boards? Head over to my Etsy shop to get the full version of the game. (Check out my other games while you’re there, too!)

The adorable graphics on this game were created by, CloudStreet, Ellie Lash, and One Creative Mommy.

No time to print your own game this year? Check out these cute Halloween Bingo games from Amazon. (Affiliate links)

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  1. We don’t celebrate Halloween, but this would be a fun idea to use for other holidays as well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love halloween! I’m sure my son would love to play bingo – we are very big into all the holidays. Our house is already completely covered with pumpkins.

  3. Your printable is just so adorable. I”ll be downloading this. I’m sure my students will love them. Can’t wait to check out your other printables. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. I love Halloween.. but India no one celebrates it. I loved this decoration idea too.

  5. You are definitely so talented, the bingo board looks so cute! This can be a perfect game to play around the Halloween holiday, waiting for children to come Trick or Treeing. :)

  6. I am so ready for Halloween! What a fun game. I can see my kids enjoying playing Bingo! This would be perfect for Halloween parties at school.

  7. Halloween is almost here. Soon my boys will be talking about what they want to be.

  8. I just realized I have never played bingo with the kids. Now I have one more reason to do it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. We are an Indian family so obviously Halloween isn’t pat of our culture but even as a one-off game sounds like a good investment for quality family time!

  10. The Halloween bingo game is so very sweet! That would be a fun game to play with kids for “fun-size” candy bars. One of my favorite childhood memories was playing bingo as a family for coins.

  11. Bingo is one of my favorite game. This halloween bingo looks cute and funny. This will be a great gift for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  12. We’re already getting into Halloween. I don’t have any kids but I will try some of these out with my nieces.

  13. Yeah! This is perfect for this year’s Halloween party. We love playing Bingo in all of our party and Am sure they are going to love this. Thx for sharing!

  14. I think this is such a fun idea! I’m definitely going to print it out for my kids.

  15. This is such a cute idea. I love the graphics on the bingo game. Will be printing these for my boy!

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  17. Everything is so cute. I’ve used ebates before and I really liked them. I don’t know why I stopped?

  18. What a lovely game to play with the little ones! My children would be enchanted with it

  19. Blair Villanueva says

    Time is running so fast its already Halloween!
    I like those cute buntings and the new bingo cards (that will totally make me confused!).

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