Lunch Box Jokes for Back to School Part 2

It’s 11:06 PM on Saturday night. I’m finally sitting down to write my post for Monday morning, and guess what? I’m really, really tired. So, in order that I can go to bed at a semi-decent hour, I’m interrupting Spooktastic September to bring you part 2 of my Back to School Lunch Box Jokes. If you missed them last month when I shared them on Pretty Providence, I’m sharing them again here today.

These lunch box jokes are perfect for back to school! {} Free printables

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My kids have been back in school about a month now, and I think we’re starting to get the hang of things again. How about you? We’ve been in school so long that I’m surprised to still see first day of school photos popping up on Facebook. I guess that’s life in the desert. School starts early. (Summer gets old fast when it’s too hot to play outside!)

My girls have been having a lot of fun with these lunch box jokes, and I hope that your kids will, too!

These lunch box jokes are perfect for back to school! {} Free printables

I never know what kind of day my kids will have at school, so I love giving them something to smile about at lunch. I guess it’s kind of like a hug from home.

These lunch box jokes are perfect for back to school! {} Free printables

If you missed Part 1, you’ll find it here: Lunch Box Jokes for Back to School

These lunch box jokes are perfect for back to school! {} Free printables

To download Part 2, click on the link below to open the PDF file. You can print from there or save the file to your computer to print later.

Click to download

If you prefer to print your cards as photos, you can download the jpg files for Part 1 and Part 2 in my original post. I hope your kiddos love these!

Need more jokes? I combined all of my jokes from here and Etsy into one giant Mega Pack with 22o jokes! It includes 22 new jokes only included in the Mega Pack. Find it here.

Send your kids to school every day this year with a joke to keep them smiling. 220 clever and cute lunchbox jokes in one inexpensive bundle! { on Etsy} #lunchboxjokes #schoollunch #lunchboxlovenotes

And, now, I’m off to bed! Darn. I just remembered that I have a load of laundry in the washing machine. So much for going to bed!

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  1. Such cute, CUTE jokes! Very appropriate for school – and bound to put a smile on the faces of teachers who may end up reading them too! My grandkids are too young to read these by themselves but I’m saving them for later on. Thank you, once again, for a fun and very usable idea!

  2. Lol. I laughed at every one of these!

  3. Thank you!! My kids love jokes, this will make their lunches extra fun!

  4. I love these jokes and LOVE the printables. I’m going to change it up and put these on their pillows before bed :)

  5. These are seriously adorable and so fun!!

  6. So I love these jokes- some I’ve never even heard. I’m cracking up. My kids are going to love these!

  7. Thugs are adorable. My kids are going to love these fun jokes! you found, or made up some good ones!!

  8. I love these! I tried to get part 1 and the links got me the same ones as on this page. Can you help me with a direct link? The Pretty Providence link takes me to part 2 jokes. Thanks!

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