The secret to an amazing gluten free wedding reception

My beautiful and talented niece got married a few weeks ago. She and her husband both eat gluten free, and with Celiac disease running in the family, many members of the wedding party also couldn’t eat gluten. Rather than buying special treats to satisfy the gluten-free guests, they decided on a gluten free wedding reception.

The surprisingly easy way to host a gluten free wedding reception. No expensive specialty foods required! {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. They managed an amazing gluten free wedding reception without buying any special gluten-free food. Because they chose food that was naturally gluten free, I’m sure the guests didn’t even notice they were at a Celiac friendly reception.

Let’s see how they did it! Special thanks to Colleen Bell for the beautiful pictures.

Gluten Free Wedding Reception Food


Gourmet popcorn for a gluten free wedding reception {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

I love this gourmet popcorn set up, don’t you? The baskets, chalkboard signs, and metal scoops make everything look so good! If you’re wondering, the panda flavor was the hands-down favorite. There are many popcorn companies who’s flavorings are gluten free. Just be sure to check the labels.

Tasty fruit sorbet for a gluten free wedding reception {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

The tasty and refreshing sorbet was perfect for a summer wedding reception. Choose the colors that best match your theme, but keep the bride and groom away from blue sorbet. I’m sure they don’t want blue lips for pictures! You’ll need a tub of ice, these cool ice cream spades, and mini cups and spoons to duplicate this idea.

Specialty rice krispie treats for a gluten free wedding reception {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

Rice Krispie treats are easily gluten free as long as they are made with Malt-O-Meal brand cereal. They seem like such a simple dessert, but it’s easy to fancy them up. Get creative with different types of treats. My niece had some drizzled with chocolate, some dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and some with pink pearls mixed inside.

Specialty rice krispie treats for a gluten free wedding reception {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

Stack them up on a serving tray that matches your theme, and you’re all set! We were replenishing these all night long! Who can eat just one Rice Krispie treat?

The surprisingly easy way to host a gluten free wedding reception. No expensive specialty foods required! {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful fruit platter. I love the serving tray and scoop. The Mason jar utensil holders and paper cups go with the Sorbet, which was right next to the fruit.

Fruit tray for a gluten free wedding reception {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

Don’t all of those colors look pretty?

You’re probably wondering about the cake. Who says you have to serve the cake to the guests? Get whatever gluten free cake you want. Serve it or don’t serve it. Gluten-free baking has gotten so good that I doubt anyone will taste the difference anyway!

The surprisingly easy way to host a gluten free wedding reception. No expensive specialty foods required! {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

The surprisingly easy way to host a gluten free wedding reception. No expensive specialty foods required! {} #glutenfree #weddingreception #weddingfood

I hope you got some great ideas for your gluten free wedding reception or party. Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure to check out more ideas while you’re here.

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    Love these appetizer and dessert ideas, they are amazing. One of my best friends has Celiac’s disease and I’m always trying to find new recipes for when she visits. These are great!

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