The simplest way to help kids fall asleep fast

Do your kids have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? My teenager was having a really hard time sleeping. It took her forever to fall asleep, and then she’d wake up several times during the night. She was already following some basic sleep strategies (which I’ll list below), but they weren’t working. One day, I stumbled across an ad on the internet for the Sleep ZZZ pillow. I believe the headline read something like, “Help Kids Fall Asleep Fast and Stay Asleep!” It was an ad for a pillow. But could a pillow really solve her problem? I decided to find out.

Find out the secret to help kids fall asleep fast and stay asleep! {} Parenting Tips, Sleep Tips, Sleep ZZZ pillow #parentinghacks #sleephacks #ad

I wrote to the company, and they gave me a pillow to try so that I could write this post for you. I’m so glad I did. It was a complete success. My daughter started falling asleep faster and staying asleep! (Keep reading for a coupon code for a discount on your own pillow.)

Fall Asleep Faster

So, why does it work? For younger children, the pillow works because it surrounds them just like they are being cuddled by their parents. It’s super soft, and it gives them a sense of security.

My teen does not need to be cuddled when she sleeps, so I asked her why it worked so well for her. Here’s what she said:

I love it because it helps me get comfortable really quickly so that I can fall asleep faster. Also, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with kinks in my neck like I used to.

My sleep-deprived teen hates getting her picture taken, so my youngest posed for the pictures in this post instead. She recreated the ways my teen likes to use her pillow.

The Sleep ZZZ pillow is great for reading and homework, too! {} ad

In addition to sleeping with the pillow, I frequently find my teen propped up against it in her bed doing her homework or reading. The supersoft cover makes a cozy backrest.

If you are ready to try the pillow for yourself, head over to and use the coupon code SLEEPY to get a $5.00 discount at checkout. We have the child-size pillow because the pillowcase my daughter liked was not available for the adult pillow. The difference between the pillow size is about 1″ all around, so it still works great for her.

Healthy Sleep Tips

Sometimes kids (particularly teens) aren’t sleeping because of poor bedtime habits. Here are some tips to help you and your kids fall asleep faster:

  • Keep electronics and televisions out of the bedroom.
  • Stop screen time at least 1/2 hour before bed.
  • Do not drink caffeine in the evening.
  • Stop eating 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Exercise daily.
  • If you must take a nap during the day, keep it short (10-30 minutes).
  • Make your bedroom a quiet, relaxing place
  • Make a bedtime routine, and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Finally, make sure your mattress and pillow are comfortable.

Find out the secret to help kids fall asleep fast and stay asleep! {} Parenting Tips, Sleep Tips #parentinghacks #sleephacks

For my daughter, this pillow has been perfect. I have not heard her complain about lack of sleep since she started using it (about 90 days ago). Now I just need one for myself and the rest of the family because my teen definitely does not want to share!

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  1. I will absolutely be looking into that pillow! I do agree with some of the other points you made, stopping screen time before bed can be so essential. I know when I stare at my phone a lot before bed I’m often up later than I want to be.

  2. I don’t know, I’m 46 and still like to be cuddled to sleep. This pillow is adorable, and I am all for the softest stuff I can find in bedding. I can see why this would help kids and adults sleep better.

  3. I don’t have any kids myself but I babysit my niece and nephew all the time. A bedtime routine is key and Stoping screen time at least 1/2 hour before bed is a really good one because I cant tell the difference when we play on the IPAD right before bed :(

  4. I love to sleep while cuddling a pillow. Especially those that are bigger than me. It’s easier for me to get to sleep, I can feel the safety and not feeling the empty space in my bed.

  5. My kids are decent sleepers but there’s something about summer routine, or lack there of, and it’s all gone out the window! So thank you for these tips. I like the no screen time before bed.

  6. I had no idea that a pillow could make such a difference but based on issues I’ve had with kinks in my neck myself it actually makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing this great solution.

  7. This is a great invention. We are night owls and definitely have hard time calling it a night and going to sleep. Will have to check this out.

  8. I love this – thank you for writing about it. I have a child just like yours with regard to sleep and junk this will help him fall asleep faster. Will give this a try. 👍🏼

  9. Christiana Acha says

    This is good news, I love that pillow and its good to know that it works effectively in helping kids fall asleep faster. Many children struggle with sleeping, so this is a product I believe many parents should endeavour to get.

  10. I co-sleep with my daughter and I am her human pillow lol! I loved this kind of pillow when I was pregnant!

  11. I have a toddler and what has worked best is to play music in his room. He falls asleep to it after a while and its also calming.

  12. Angela Ricardo Bethea says

    I’ve heard about napping during daylight affect your sleep at night. A comfortable pillow can help a lot in having a relaxing sleep.

  13. In all honesty, the pillow is amazing during pregnancy! Therefore, I can see why kids enjoy it so much.

  14. These are all great tips. I’m always looking for new ways to get my kids to fall asleep faster.

  15. Great, a pillow with a lot of uses. What better way to have a better sleep? I will buy my cushion like that!

  16. My niece loves to take her afternoon naps with me. I think because she loves me as her human pillow. haha! But that also means I need to stop whatever I am doing for her. I need to get here this pillow!

  17. Dana Brillante-Peller says

    I’ve always said that all I need is the right pillow and I’ll knock out for days! Thankfully our boys took after me. Good tips.

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