Easy Classroom Door Idea for Spring

In my last post, I shared tons of great ideas to decorate your child’s classroom door for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get on the ball and get my own child’s door done until a few days ago. Since Valentine’s Day is so close, I opted for a sweet Spring theme instead. That way the door can stay up longer than just a couple of weeks. The best thing about Spring classroom door ideas is that they can span through a few holidays.

Make this easy and sweet ice cream cone to decorate your classroom for Spring! {OneCreativeMommy.com} Spring Classroom Door Ideas

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The idea for this sweet door came when I found myself at the school with some time to spare to volunteer. I hadn’t planned to decorate the door, so I had nothing in mind. I saw an ice cream cone drawing in the copy room, and I decided that was something I could handle free hand. Trust me. You can too! Here’s how!

How to Make a Three-Layer Ice Cream Cone

Here’s what you will need:

  • Butcher paper in 4 colors (I chose yellow for the cone because I wanted a chocolate ice cream scoop. If you want to add a face, definitely don’t use brown for the cone.)
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape and/or glue stick

Make this easy and sweet ice cream cone to decorate your classroom for Spring! {OneCreativeMommy.com} Spring Classroom Door Ideas


  1. Begin be cutting a large triangle for the cone. (I left the tip of my triangle slightly rounded.)
  2. Lay one of the three paper pieces you plan to use for ice cream scoops across the top of the triangle cone and sketch out the scalloped bottom of the ice cream scoop. Be sure to make the scoop wider than the cone. (It helps to draw the two outside scallops first and then move toward the middle.) Draw a large round arch above the scallops to complete your ice cream scoop.
  3. Layer the three ice cream scoop paper pieces together (with the pattern on top) and carefully cut out all three scoops at once. If that makes you nervous, simply cut out the pattern and trace it onto the other two pieces. That will give you better control, but it will take longer.
  4. Optional — Use the paper scraps to add drips and sprinkles. The drips are a simple raindrop shape, and the sprinkles are tiny rounded, skinny rectangles. I actually cut the sprinkles with my Silhouette at the same time I cut the letters for the top of the door. I definitely would not recommend cutting out the sprinkles by hand! If you can’t do it with a cutting machine, just cut tiny strips with a paper cutter. I’m sure they’ll be just as cute.
  5. I attached the large pieces to the door with masking tape and glued on the details with a glue stick.

Top off your ice cream cone with a sweet saying. I chose, “Fourth Grade is So Sweet!” If you don’t have access to a cutting machine or the school or library die cut machine, don’t be afraid to write the saying directly on the background paper. (Just be sure your markers don’t bleed through to the door!)

The Kawaii smiley face was actually an after thought. Here’s the original door, minus the happy face. I’ll let you decide which you prefer.

Make this easy and sweet ice cream cone to decorate your classroom for Spring! {OneCreativeMommy.com} Spring Classroom Door Ideas

With my daughter’s love for all things Shopkins, a face on the ice cream cone seemed just right! Actually, I’m kind of obsessed with Kawaii faces on my graphics lately. You’ll recognize them on my most recent Bingo boards and my Valentine’s Day matching game (Spot It style). It just makes sense that I’d put them on the classroom door, too!

Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure to check out more ideas while you’re here!

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  1. That is so cute. The children must love seeing their new door!

  2. This is too cute! I loved decorating the door for the season when I taught!!

    • Thanks, Kalee. I think I still have my old laminated things that I used to use in my classroom and on my doors when I was a teacher. In my kids schools, I don’t see the teachers doing much decorating. It’s usually the parents who take care of it. (I should find my box of school stuff. It took forever to make! Remember using the overhead projector and coloring things with chalk pastels for your walls? Did you do that, too?)

  3. Cute and crafty Ideas. I’m passing this on to a couple of my cousins that are kindergarten and 3rd grade teachers. I’m sure this is something they would love to do for their students or possibly make it a classroom project.

  4. I love this door! My daughter is actually in fourth grade and would love it. She’s also into all things kawaii.

  5. Really creative this one! Will share with my daughter. Maybe they can do something like this at her daughter’s day care. Thanks!

  6. This is so cute and creative! I will definitely be sharing this with some of my friends that decorate in their classrooms.

  7. What adorable ideas! My favorite has to be the ice cream! The animation is super cute and cheery. It’ll definitely bring a smile to anyone seeing it! xoxo

  8. I love your door – It’s totally something I could see my daughter’s teacher from last year doing! Her teacher this year isn’t as into decorating, but last year her teacher did all sorts of things like that and we always loved seeing what she would come up with next.

  9. I bet this makes the children so happy! love it :)

  10. I think this is an awesome idea! I don’t exactly have a classroom to decorate but this is also perfect for hosting a kids party at home!

  11. It was such a very cool decorative door, I love the ice cream color. I was thinking of doing 3D cut outs if possible.

  12. This is so cute. I am in love with everything ice cream cones lately. My daughter is in that tween stage where everything has to be kawaii too lol. The watering cans are a great idea, I might have to try that for my garden this year.

    • Thanks, Ghastly Girl. It’s almost teacher appreciation week at my kids’ school, so now I have to come up with another door idea, and it has to be manly. Yikes! I’m not sure what I’ll do this time!

  13. I was a kinder teacher myself and i love all your ideas so much!!!

    • Thanks, Josselyn. I long-term subbed in kinder, and I loved it! Kinder is one of my favorite ages. (Of course, I got the kids after the teacher had already trained them. I’m not sure if I’m up to training them myself! Kudos to you!)

  14. I wish all my teachers did this when I was in school. This is so creative and fun. Great ideas!

    • Thanks, Sondra. I loved to decorate my door when I was a teacher, but nowdays, it seems like the doors are decorated by the parents. Now that I’m not a teacher anymore, I still get to decorate. Yeah!

  15. I love teachers that do this! When I think back to my childhood in school, I always remember the teachers that decorated our classroom doors and the classroom itself. I looked forward to seeing what theme/ideas the teacher would come up with next.

    • Thanks, Jazz. I always loved it when my teacher decorated the classroom, too. As a retired teacher, I now know how much extra time that takes, and I’m even more grateful to those teachers who took the time to make things extra special.

  16. My daughter is a Kindergarten teacher and she would love these ideas. I will share this with her.

  17. This looks adorable! My brother would love this! Even I love this, honestly! Lovely post! xoxo

  18. Very cute idea! I would love to make one for my door on Christmas!! How cool would that be if my door was a christmas tree. or a santa!

  19. These are really awesome ideas. I love all of them.

  20. Omg how cute is that door?!?! One can never go wrong with ice cream!!!!

  21. The post is very useful, I will make the decoration for my children’s room, I am sure they will like it and show it to their friends. They will be proud of me :). Thanks

  22. This is so cute!!! My girls will love it. Although I’m not really good at DIY, I will try my best. Thanks!

  23. How adorable they are! Your ideas are really interesting. Not only teachers like your decoration, but also men like me love it. Your ideas would be very perfect for a kid party. My daughter’s birthday’s coming next month. I’ll do as your suggestions. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Thomas. My daughter’s teacher is a man. I’m not sure if he loved having a smiling ice cream cone on his door or not, but the kids liked it. (He didn’t complain, so hopefully he liked it!) I’m going to try for something more manly for Teacher Appreciation week. We’ll see how that goes. I’m fresh out of ideas!

  24. Thanks for this great article, I really enjoyed it from beginning to ending, this is very interesting.

  25. I love this door! My daughter is actually in fourth grade and would love it. She’s also into all things kawaii.

    • Thanks, Madalin. There must be something about fourth grade girls and kawaii! Maybe it’s the Shopkins craze that started it all. I used to hate it, but now I love those little smiley faces!

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