You’ve Been Egged! {Free Printables}

When it comes to teaching my kids about vandalism, I’m a really good mom.  Treating other people’s property and belongings with respect is a skill every kid should have.  But–I make an exception (or should I say, “egg”-ception) every April.  Come Spring, we egg as many of our neighbors’ houses as possible!

Easter "Egg" Your Neighbors with this fun neighborhood Easter Activity! -- You've Been Egged!  {Free Printables on}

You’ve Been Egged! (Neighborhood Activity for Easter)

I hope you realized from the picture that “egging” our neighbors does not involve any raw eggs.  In fact, no eggs are harmed in any way during our silly tradition.  “Egging” the neighbors simply means leaving them treat-filled eggs with a cute poem that encourages them to continue the fun by “egging” some more neighbors!

Here’s what you’ll need to egg two neighbor’s homes:

Easter "Egg" Your Neighbors with this fun neighborhood Easter Activity! -- You've Been Egged! {Free Printables on}

  • Two copies of the “You’ve Been Egged!” poem and the “We’ve Been Egged!” poster (download link is at the end of the post).
  • 24 treat-filled eggs (12 per house) — Or, use as many or as few as you’d like.  It’s up to you.

Here’s what to do:

  • Depending on where you live, sneak up to your neighbors’ houses in broad daylight or in the dark.  (I trust your judgement as to whether it’s safe or not to do this in the dark in your neighborhood.  I don’t want anyone to be mistaken for a burglar!)
  • Spread the eggs on the doorstep or lawn.
  • Put the “We’ve Been Egged!” and “You’ve Been Egged!” signs on the neighbor’s front door.  (Blue painters tape will not damage the paint.)
  • Ring the doorbell and run, or simply leave the eggs for the neighbors to find the next time they come out.

I created the poem for this activity by combining several versions I found on the internet.  If you don’t love mine, make your own!

One happy family went out for a hop.

They saw your house and made a stop.

They love you so they wanted to send

An Easter treat to their special friend.

We all have fun when friends like you copy this poem and make it two.

Neighbors will have smiling faces — None can guess who “EGG”-ed which places!

To spread the fun, place the “We’ve Been Egged!” sign in your window, and then egg two more families.

If you’re ready to join the fun, click on the download link below to get your signs.  Have fun egging the neighbors!

Click here to download A Walk With Jesus Easter Week Activities Printable

Easter "Egg" Your Neighbors with this fun neighborhood Easter Activity! -- You've Been Egged!  {Free Printables on}

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