Valentine Box Ideas: Birdhouse

I’m back today with more Valentine box ideas! The credit for this adorable birdhouse idea goes to 9-year-old Boo. She came up with the plan, I did the framework, and we finished it off together. Ready to learn how to make it? Here we go!

This birdhouse Valentine box is such a fun idea! It's perfect for class parties. {}

Birdhouse Valentine Box Idea

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This birdhouse Valentine box is such a fun idea! It's perfect for class parties. {}Materials:

  • 1 small cardboard box + extra pieces from another box
  • Box cutter or craft knife
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape
  • Small stick or foam dart (from a Nerf dart gun)


Birdhouse Valentine Box Idea {}

  1. Using a craft knife, cut the box to resemble the shape above. (It helps to draw the shape of a house on a scrap of paper and trace it onto the front and the back of the box.)
  2. Cut a piece from another box to use as the roof. (Hint-Use two sides of a slightly larger box.)
  3. Wrap the birdhouse and roof shapes separately in coordinating wrapping paper.
  4. Trace a circle to use as a fake window in the birdhouse, and glue it to the front of the house.
  5. Cut a small hole under the window, and insert a Nerf dart or a small stick to use as a perch. (We used a Nerf dart.) Wrap the dart or stick with something on the inside of the box to keep it from sliding back out of the hole. (We taped some paper around ours, and it worked just fine.)

Birdhouse Valentine Box Idea {}

  1. Tape the roof to the box, taping it down from the inside. Only attach one side, leaving the second side free to open and close.
  2. Decorate the house with stickers, or leave it plain.

That’s it! Take it to school and show it off!

This birdhouse Valentine box is such a fun idea! It's perfect for class parties. {}

We’ve had a lot of fun creating Valentine boxes over the years. How about you? What was your favorite Valentine box as a child or that you made with your kids? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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  1. This is a great idea . I always thought of creating things but never did. You are an inspiration for me and for everyone else . Keep Up the good work . All the best.

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