Valentine Box Ideas: Rocket Booster!

Boys or girls looking for Valentine box ideas for this year’s class party won’t be able to resist this awesome Rocket Booster idea! The mastermind behind this project was seven-year-old Lu, and it was created the night before with materials we had on hand. Talk about easy!

Looking for cute Valentine Box ideas? This adorable Rocket Booster Valentine Box was the hit of the class party. {}

Rocket Booster Valentine Box

Want to make one yourself? It’s not hard at all. Here’s what you need.


  • empty cardboard cereal box
  • two empty toilet paper tubes
  • duck tape
  • ribbon
  • card stock
  • paper crimper (optional)
  • stickers or markers for decorating

Since we were more concerned with hurrying to make a Valentine box than writing a blog post, I don’t have any process pictures. Thankfully, it’s super easy, so I’ll just explain the steps.

Love this Rocket Booster Valentine Box Idea! {}


  1. Cover the entire cereal box (except the bottom panel) with duck tape. (Leaving the bottom open allows you to reach your hand inside the box later.)
  2. Cut a window for the candy. (See the picture above.) The window is cut into the part of the box that will sit on the child’s back, and it should open downward.
  3. Cut slits for the ribbon shoulder straps (two at the top and two at the bottom), and poke a hole in the candy window to make a pull tab.
  4. Insert ribbon straps in slits (test on your child’s shoulders for proper length), and tape the ends inside the box with duck tape.
  5. Insert loop pull tab on candy window and tape on the back with duck tape.
  6. Trace the toilet paper tube circles on the bottom of the box and cut out the holes.
  7. Stuff the tube ends inside the holes, leaving the duck taped portion sticking out of the box. Finish duck taping the bottom of the box and secure the paper tubes to the box.

Love this Rocket Booster Valentine Box Idea! {}

  1. Cut colored strips from card stock to make fire. We crimped ours with a paper crimper. Stuff the paper inside the tubes and tape them to the inside of the box. (You’ll be able to open the candy window to tape them inside.)
  2. Now decorate with stickers or markers. *Just a little warning. We decorated with sticky-backed card stock that we cut into hearts. They did not stick well. In fact, the homemade stickers fell off all day long. Hopefully, real stickers will stick better, but be prepared with permanent markers if your stickers won’t stick.

That’s it. You’re done. It’s a lot easier than it looks, don’t you think?

Love this Rocket Booster Valentine Box Idea! {}

I’ll be sharing lots of Valentine box ideas this month, so be sure to come back for more!

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  1. I really love this idea, and I think it looks easy. I’m not a crafty mom, but I think I could manage this one – I like that you could easily change the colors and make it for girls or boys. My 5 year old (boy) and 6 year old (girl) would both love this idea!

  2. I LOVE this. It looks so easy and so cute! I never used to have to make these because I homeschool (which I was always so grateful for) but now my kids love to make them for our homeshool co-op parties! We are totally going to make this one for our family this year! So simple and easy!

  3. That’s fun!

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