The cutest Unicorn Valentines for your kids

It’s valentine time again, and I’ve got the cutest unicorn valentines to share with you today. (One of them is a narwhal valentine. Do they count as unicorns? The kids seem to think they do.) This is the first year my kids are all too old for valentines, but I can’t help creating new printable valentines anyway. It’s a good thing I have this blog as an excuse! Since unicorns and narwhals are all the rage these days, I know unicorn valentines will be a big hit at the class party! I have three different design ideas for you, so I’m sure you’ll find the valentine that’s just right for your kiddo.

These unicorn valentines are the cutest! I'm downloading the free printables today. {} #unicorns #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #schoolvalentine #narwhal

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Free Printable Unicorn Valentines

My kids may be too old to exchange classroom valentines, but they’re not too old to think unicorns and narwhals are fun and cute. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, unicorns became a symbol for being unique. Since kids should be proud to be unique and special, bring on the unicorns!

I have three different design ideas for you, so let’s get started learning how to create each unicorn valentine. You’ll find the free printable at the end of the post.

You’ll need a hole punch to create all three valentines. Check out the image below to see where to punch the hole on each printable:

These unicorn valentines are the cutest! I'm downloading the free printables today. {} #unicorns #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #schoolvalentine

Unicorn Valentines with Ribbon Tails

Curling ribbon makes the cutest tails on these free printable classroom valentines. {} #unicorns #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #schoolvalentine #narwhal

To create the unicorns with ribbon tails, use the printable unicorn valentines that are missing tails. You’ll need curling ribbon (I found the perfect roll with four pastel colors at the Dollar Store), scissors, and tape.

How to make adorable unicorn valentines with ribbon tails {} #unicorns #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #schoolvalentine #narwhal

  1. Print the cards, cut out each valentine, and punch a hole for each tail. Cut four 4-inch pieces of curling ribbon for each valentine. (You can trim the tail later if it turns out too long.)
  2. Slide all four ribbons through the hole on the front of the valentine and tape them in place on the back.
  3. Flip the card back to the front and carefully curl each ribbon against the edge of a pair of scissors. I tried both directions, and I think the tail looks cuter with the ribbons curling up toward the top of the card. (Try both ways yourself. Maybe you’ll disagree.)
  4. Trim the tail to your desired length and arrange the ribbons how you like them.

All done! Aren’t they adorable? You can easily use these as a non-candy valentine. Just pass them out as-is or add a unicorn or rainbow-shaped toy or trinket. (A piece of candy works, too.)

Unicorn and Narwhal Valentines with Pixie Stix Candy Horns

I'm in love with these unicorn valentines. Pixie sticks make cute narwhal and unicorn horns! {} #unicorns #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #pixiestix #schoolvalentine #narwhal

I seem to have a thing for creating valentines with Pixie Stix candy. I’m not sure why. I guess they just make great arrows, horns, and guitar handles. Check out my Brave and Coco valentines to see how I used them.

I'm in love with these unicorn valentines. Pixie sticks make cute narwhal and unicorn horns! {} #unicorns #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #schoolvalentine #narwhal

These pixie stix valentines are super easy. I’ll show you both together since they’re both created the same way. Just print the cards, cut them out, and punch a hole for the horns. Slide each pixie stick in from the back. Keep the horn short, and tape each pixie stick in place on the back of the card. That’s it. Super easy.

Which unicorn valentine is your favorite? Are you partial to narwhals or unicorns? I love the narwhal valentine, but I think my favorite is the valentine with the ribbon tail. How about you?

Ready to download your own? The printable has three pages — one for each style of valentine. Just print your favorite, and you’re ready to go!

These unicorn valentines are the cutest! I'm downloading the free printables today. {} #unicorns #valentinesday #printablevalentines #valentines #schoolvalentine

Click the download button below to open the pdf file. Print the valentines from there, or save the file to print later.

Click to download file from One Creative Mommy

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  1. This has to be one of the cutest Valentine’s ideas I have ever seen! I am going to share this post with my bestie – she has some kids who will be thrilled to make these.

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  19. The Frugal Samurai says

    Hahaha, nice ones! So adorable for the kids – but gosh, we start them early don’t we! We have nieces and nephews in primary school and each year they brag about how many Valentine’s they got or who didn’t get any!

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