The travel blanket that will change the way you pack for your next trip!

Are you ready for summer? School is already out in my neck of the woods, and we are preparing for summer travel. We’ve got a big trip planned, and it includes a trip on an airplane with very limited luggage space. We’re getting creative about what we are taking on our trip. Since necessity is … Read More

The simple hack to assemble Gingerbread Houses in minutes!

It’s Christmas. You’ve got kids. They want to make gingerbread houses. That’s a pretty normal situation in most households at this time of year. But what if your kids have to eat gluten free? The situation just got a lot more difficult. Or did it? Nope. I’ve got you covered. Check out the simple solution … Read More

Don’t Eat Pete Addition Game

Since I’m getting ready to share this game in first grade tomorrow, I thought I’d share it with you, too!  Whether the kids are new to addition or need a review after summer break, Addition Don’t Eat Pete is perfect for children in K-2nd Grade.  This game is sold in my store for $2.50. This … Read More

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from!

Don’t Eat Pete Multiplication Game

Let’s face it. Learning multiplication facts is not very fun. . . Until now! Are you looking for a way to make multiplication more exciting?  Look no further.  This Don’t Eat Pete Multiplication game is the perfect game for practicing multiplication facts.  Kids are engaged in a fast-paced game with instant rewards while they practice … Read More

Colors and Shapes Preschool Math Game

If you are looking for a way to give your kids an early start with learning and recognizing colors and shapes, Don’t Eat Pete, Shapes and Colors is perfect for kids five and under. This preschool math game is so fun that the kids won’t know they’re learning, too! All kids need to practice and learn is … Read More

What is “Don’t Eat Pete?”

If you look through my available products, you’ll notice that many are variations of a game called, “Don’t Eat Pete.”  I love this game because groups of children can play together while studying totally different things. Here’s a video of Lu playing with the colors game.  (She is talking really loud for the purpose of … Read More

Don’t Eat Pete Number Recognition

Because she was tired of watching her older sisters play Multiplication and Addition Don’t Eat Pete without her, my youngest daughter, Lu, wanted her own math game to play, too! With her in mind, I created Number Recognition Don’t Eat Pete. It has all the fun of the original game, but it’s at the learning level perfect for preschool … Read More

Phonogram Don’t Eat Pete Reading Game

If your child is using phonograms to learn to read and spell, then this reading game is perfect for you.  Flash cards can be boring, so jazz up your practice with a fun game instead!  Phonogram Don’t Eat Pete is a much more entertaining way to practice. For those of you who are not familiar … Read More