Mommy Moments: Talking to the Wall

Sometimes when we read blogs, we forget that when we see a new project or recipe, we’re seeing a snapshot of a good day at someone’s house–not necessarily a normal day.  Since my life is pretty crazy, and my favorite thing to write about is funny things that happen at my house–I’m planning to share an occasional “Mommy Moment.”

Just so that you don’t get confused with another common moment, here are the definitions:


Senior Moment:  Synonym of brain cramp

Suddenly forgetting something you’ve….oh what’s the word… known every other time, except for the moment someone’s asking you. It happens to people 55 and older.

I had a great example, and now I’ve forgotten it. I must be having a senior moment.  (*from Urban


Mommy Moment:  Sometimes called “scatterbrained syndrome”

Any crazy situation caused by stress, overwork, or an excess of laundry.  Often initiated by mischievous toddlers, grumpy tweens, and independent adolescents.  It happens to moms in all stages of life.

I’d explain more, but my toddler just ran into the street naked.  I’m having a mommy moment.  (*from me!)


Now that you know the difference, here’s a Mommy Moment from my family blog archives:

Do you ever feel like you're talking to a brick wall?

Do you ever feel like you are talking to the wall?  This has happened a lot at my house lately.  Although this actual conversation took place three years ago, this still happens way too often!  (My kids ages were:  Bear-7, Boo-4, Lu-2)


“Girls, please brush your teeth. Hurry!”


Nothing but giggles and sounds of playing at the top of the stairs.


“Girls, are you brushing your teeth?”


“Can anyone hear me?”




“Girls. It’s time for bed. Please brush your teeth.”


I try another tactic.


“Bear, please help your sisters get their toothbrushes ready.”


Still nothing but sounds of continued playing–definitely close enough to be able to hear me.


I hear Boo on the stairs.


“Boo. Please go brush your teeth.”




(Insert child’s full name here) . . . can you hear a word I’m saying?”


Boo:  “No.”




I know.  I know.  If I would just get off my duff, and go upstairs to communicate with my children face to face, this wouldn’t happen.  But are you ever just so tired that you wish for a  miracle?  By some strange twist of fate, the clock would strike eight and all of your children would get up, put on their pj’s, brush their teeth, and get into bed?  Maybe someday.  We can dream, can’t we?


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