Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Printable Chore Chart for Kids --This chart is perfect for helping kids learn responsibility and establish a daily routine {} Free Printable

Thanks for stopping by to download these printable chore charts for kids. I hope they help you and your young kids establish a daily routine. This simple chart is a great start to help kids learn responsibility.

The printable is made to create two charts. To assemble the charts, cut the chart printable in half vertically to separate the two charts. Write your child’s name at the top of the chart. Cut out the chore circles on the other page. Laminate the circles and the charts.

Put a piece of adhesive velcro on the back of each job circle and inside each blue circle on the charts. Place one set of jobs on the “To Do” side of the chart each morning or evening before bed.

As the kids complete each task, they move the circles to the “Done” side of the chart.

Start over again each morning.

Click the download link to open the printable pdf file. You can print the file from there or save it to your computer for later.

Click to download

If you are interested in personalizing these yourself, I used the Sketch Block font on mine. If you would like me to personalize the printable with your child’s name, send me a note to heidi at onecreativemommy dot com. Let me know what you are interested in, and I will let you know my rates. I can also change the job circles.

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