Frozen Birthday Invitations – 2 Designs!

Last weekend, we hosted a Frozen Birthday Party for Lu, and I’m worn out!  If you read my blog regularly, you know that I go a little nuts when it comes to birthday parties.  I love to host themed parties, and I love to create games and crafts to go with the parties.  (YOU’LL FIND MY THEMED PARTY IDEAS HERE.)  This party was no different. You can look forward to a series of Frozen-themed posts, but today I’m starting by sharing my Frozen Birthday Invitations.  (If you read to the end, I’m sharing an additional Olaf Invitation at the end of the post.)

Create these unique Frozen Birthday Party Invitations with a free Silhouette Cutting File {Printable file for non-Silhouette users is included, too}

Frozen Birthday Invitations

I’ve seen lots of Frozen birthday party invitations online, but I wanted ours to be different.  The ice castle from the movie is pretty amazing.  Unfortunately, it’s also almost impossible to duplicate for a cut-out card.  Thanks to Jamie from Completely Type A, I was able to find the basic shapes.  If you want to see a beautiful 3-D version of Elsa’s castle, you definitely need to check out her post. It’s gorgeous!

Create these unique Frozen Birthday Party Invitations with a free Silhouette Cutting File {Printable file for non-Silhouette users is included, too}

Ready to create your invitations?  First, download the Silhouette cutting file or the printable file by clicking on the download button below.

Click to go to my download page

If you use the Silhouette version (svg files are also included to convert to other cutting systems), simply load your paper in your machine, open the file, and send it to your machine to cut.

If you use the printable version and plan to cut it out yourself, you’ll definitely want a good cutting mat and a craft knife.  Trim your desired card stock to 8 1/2 x 11, and use your printer to print the file directly onto the paper.  If your paper is different on both sides, print the design onto the back so that the black lines will not show on your final project.

*The font I used is called Garineldo, and can be found for free at

Once you’ve cut your castles and doors, the rest is easy.

  • Working with one door at a time, fold the tabs forward and then slip them through the corresponding slots on the castle.
  • Turn the castle over and tape down the tabs.
  • Using glue tape, attach the castle to a coordinating piece of card stock.  (My finished card is about 15 x 18 cm.  I used 12 x 12 paper, and got two cards from each piece.)
  • Create your own label to go inside the doors.  (Dimensions on mine are 5.5 cm x 6.5 cm.)  Print and glue under the doors with glue tape.
  • Print your party information, and attach it to the back of the card.  (Dimensions should be no larger than 14 x 17 cm.)
  • Load your smiling birthday girl into the car, and go deliver the invitations!

Create these unique Frozen Birthday Party Invitations with a free Silhouette Cutting File {Printable file for non-Silhouette users is included, too}

Did you stick around to the end of the post so that you could get the extra download?  Here it is!

Frozen Olaf Birthday Invitation Bonus Download

When I created my Olaf Valentines (FIND OLAF VALENTINES HERE and HERE), several readers mentioned that they changed the printable to make it a birthday party invitation.  If your kids are more into the Olaf theme, I’ve altered my valentines for another invitation for you!

Olaf Frozen-Themed Birthday Party Invitations!  {Free Printable from}

Updated 10/30/14:  I decided that these invitations deserved their own post!  You’ll find the download link and more details on how to create the invitations by clicking the link below.

Click here to download the Frozen Olaf Birthday Invitations

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you’ll stick around and browse a bit.  Images below are linked.

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  1. Oh, I love the birthday invitations! The frozen design is so perfect that sure the children would love it! My friend’s daughter’s birthday party was held last month and they had a Frozen motif and the cake was also pretty impressive.

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    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  6. These are just terrific! I’m an Event Graphic girl myself, so I just love seeing new ideas… :-)

  7. These are SO cute. I just saw Frozen for the first time last week. What a classic. :)

    • I’m so glad you finally got to see the movie, Krystal! I can’t believe you made it this long. We were lucky to see it for free the first week it came out. We live in the desert, but we walked out of the movie into a freak snow storm! It was perfect!

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  11. What awesome ideas for the invites! I love the Olaf one, so cute!

  12. I love these super cute frozen invitations! My Grandkids love the movie Frozen.. Love the little craft invitation of Olaf, you are so creative!

  13. Oh my!! These are so so so darling! I wish you could have been my party planner. We had a Frozen birthday a few weeks ago and it was a blast!! I hope yours was just as good!

  14. All I can say, is my kids would love to party at your house. Nevermind the fact that “Frozen” is their number one movie of all time… Thanks for sharing these great ideas and the free printable !

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  17. The Olaf b-day kit is so adorable!!!! What are the large parts of Olaf made out of? Large marshmallows? I’m planning on using these for my daughters 3rd birthday invitation! Thanks!!

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  19. Thanks Katie for sharing the Silhouette file! My daughter will love these for her invitation. Plus I get to brush the dust off the Silhouette. Would you mind giving us the font you used for the invitation?

  20. Love the castle invites!!! What did you use for the font on the card?

  21. Where did you find the awesome Frozen font? (for the inside of the card too?) I am getting ready to work on invitations and absolutely love this!

  22. These invitations are amazing! Do you have editable templates for the party information?

  23. Hi Heidi,
    I know it’s ages since you posted your Frozen invitations, but I still think that they are two of the best ideas out there! I’ve added the ice palace invitation to my “Ten of the best Frozen invitations” post on my blog. I hope that’s ok.
    Keep up the creativity!
    Sarah @

  24. what font did you use for the “do you want to build a snowman??”

  25. Hi, I can’t access your cut file and would like to purchase it. Can you please share a new link, I don’t think the org I also one is working any more.

    Thank you!

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