Make This Simple Peter Pan Shadow Costume from Scraps!

I don’t know how we lived in the same place for ten years without discovering 4H summer camps, but our summers will never be the same! Boo and Lu enrolled in sewing camps, and they made the most amazing things! In addition to some really fantastic projects, Boo’s camp actually challenged them to make Halloween costumes from scraps. Boo came up with this amazingly creative Peter Pan Shadow costume. Isn’t it the coolest?

Make this simple Peter Pan Shadow Costume with fabric scraps and thrift store finds! So Easy! {} Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Boo came away from the camp with several professional-looking projects, but this one–created by her–is definitely my favorite. Of course, you can make it, too, so I’m sharing it here. I’ll give you the general idea of how to get this look, and you can adapt it yourself using what you have at home.

Spooktastic September {}

Simple Peter Pan Shadow Costume from Scraps

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Make this simple Peter Pan Shadow Costume with fabric scraps and thrift store finds! So Easy! {} Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

The Tunic

The tunic is probably the easiest part. Grab a black t-shirt that is too big and cut out a v-neckline (if the shirt doesn’t already have one). Now make large triangular cuts in the sleeves and along the bottom to give a rugged look. Use a black fabric scrap to tie the tunic at the waist.

Boo added a long-sleeved black t-shirt under the tunic to make herself look more like a shadow. Depending on the temperature where you trick-or-treat, you could wear or not wear the extra shirt.

The Pants/Shorts

Boo actually created these using a simple elastic waistband pants pattern, but you could easily grab a pair of cheap black pants at a thrift store and fringe them in the same way you fringed the tunic.

The Hat

I couldn’t believe it when Boo told me how she made the hat. It’s made from the sleeve of a suit coat! She cut the sleeve off of the coat right at the shoulder. She used the piece from near the shoulder and sewed a dart in it to to make the right shape for her hat. She added a black pom pom at the end, hemmed the raw edges, and she was done!

Make this simple Peter Pan Shadow Costume with fabric scraps and thrift store finds! So Easy! {} Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

What do you think? Could you make a costume out of fabric scraps? Her friend made a Peter Pan costume in the exact same way. What a great idea! I made Bear’s Indian costume from t-shirts, too. I love cutting up t-shirts to make something new!

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  1. What a great looking Peter Pan costume, I absolutely love the fact it has been made from scraps as well! Completely pocket friendly.

  2. I have never been good at anything DIY or crafts but still I never shy away from appreciating them. Loving the peter pan costume

  3. This is a great costume idea! I once made a fairy costume out of fabric scraps but I did rely pretty heavily on some foundational clothing pieces I already owned. This Peter Pan Shadow one looks so great!

  4. I love diy costumes, especially ones that are easy to do! This is a cute costume for someone wanting to dress as Peter Pan!

  5. I love Peter Pan! Such a great movie and a cool book! I think the shadow is a great costume idea! Have someone else dressed up as Peter Pan so that the team is completed!

  6. you are so creative! i love this idea. if i had a little boy (or girl) i would totally do that! :)

  7. how creative and economical is that! ill be rey as my hubby and i are a huge star wars fan! though peter pan is very tempting…

  8. These are all great costume ideas. I love the spider buns. I will have to try it in my hair this year.

  9. This is the cutest costume and so simple! What a great idea. And I love that spider hair too.

  10. So cool. I’m watching Once again now, and just finished the Peter Pan sezon. You guys did a great job with this costume.

  11. This is fantastic. My kids would enjoy helping me out making that costume.

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  13. This is so creative! I’m indeed impressed by how you managed to make fancy costumes totally out of scraps. Thanks for this interesting post!

  14. I like seeing what do-it-yourself people can do with scraps. The Peter Pan costume is a winner!

  15. It is a cool costume and I loved that you made it from scraps. I think it’s great. I should have done more with that when my daughter was younger. So much you can do with scraps.

  16. Handmaking things is what I am all about. That is a very cute idea!

  17. Absolutely genious! I love how it turned out and I love love love that it’s from scraps! Perfect recycling craft project!

  18. I like these beautiful idea! The costume is cute and fun, and affordable! Who wouldn’t love that?

  19. This is awesome. I bet it was a lot of fun to be able to create their own costume! So much more adorable and cost effective than purchasing one from the store.

  20. Blair villanueva says

    Wow this is cool costume, easy and cost efficient :) I need to make my costumes too!

  21. Adore those spider hair pieces. Are they clips? Did you make them or buy them?

  22. This is too cute and clever, not to mention fairly simple to execute. I plan to have about 5 costumes this year. I love Halloween. :)

  23. I love this post. Very helpful. I especially love the Peter Pan hat. You don’t need to buy an expensive costume to be able to make easy and fun costumes.

  24. Hands down for this idea, I love Peter Pan! I am really getting an urge to make this today but already in the middle of making pillow. I will make it and share it with you. Thank you so so much for this post and i will subscribe to your blog to get more posts like this in my inbox.

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