The ultimate collection of DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes! Have your kids decided what they want to be, or will they still change their minds five or ten times before Halloween? If you like to DIY, and you want to get a head start on creating, check out my ultimate collection of DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Let your kids choose their favorites, and then get to work.

Love this collection of DIY Halloween costumes for kids! Best ideas ever. {}

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Classic Halloween Costumes

Let’s start with the classics. You know the type. Those costumes that never go out of style (and also work great as dress-up clothes!) These costumes go straight from Halloween to the dress-up box and get used all year long.

These classic Halloween costumes transition perfectly from Halloween to the Dress Up box! {}

Easy DIY Knight Costume for Kids from Apple Green Cottage

No-Sew Knight Costume from Chicken Babies

Last-Minute Pirate Costume from Apple Green Cottage

Quick and Easy Pirate Vest and Eye Patch from Play Dough & Popsicles

Easy DIY Snow White Prince Costume from Desert Chica

DIY King Costume for Kids from Mama Smiles

Super Easy Indian Maiden from One Creative Mommy

15-Minute Princess Gown Tutorial from Mama Smiles

Super Hero Cape from Upcycled T-Shirt by You Brew My Tea

TV/Movie/Book Character Costumes

You know you can’t go wrong with costumes that come from your kid’s favorite books, movies and TV shows. My kids are leaning toward Star Wars costumes this year. I may just end up with three different versions of Rey! Check out these fun character costume ideas.

Kids want to dress up like their favorite character for Halloween? Check out these awesome DIY movie, TV and book costumes. {}
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Jennifer Priest

Finding Dory Hank the Octopus Costume from Desert Chica

Peter Pan’s Escaped Shadow Costume from Tikkido

Cindy Lou Who Costume from Life is Sweeter By Design

DIY Diamond Armor Minecraft Steve from Mommy Mafia

No-Sew Elmo Costume from Moms and Crafters

Pippi Longstocking DIY Kids Costume Idea from That One Mom

DIY Frankenstein Costume from Mommy’s Bundle

BFG Costume from Desert Chica

How to Make a Cookie Monster Costume from Life is Sweeter by Design

Star Wars BB-8 Costume Idea from Desert Chica

Easy No-Sew Winnie the Pooh Costume from Moms and Crafters

No Sew Mr. Potato Head Costumes from Arts & Crackers

Inside Out “Anger” Costume Idea from Desert Chica

Last-Minute Lego Elves Costume from One Creative Mommy

Easy DIY Charlie Brown Costume by Jennifer Priest

DIY Lorax Costume from Desert Chica

Cool Animal Costumes

Are your kids interested in dressing as an animal (or bird, or insect)? Try these fun ideas!

I love these fun DIY animal costumes for Halloween! {} Kids Costume Ideas

Bat Wing Costume from Umbrella by Mother Natured

DIY Owl Costume for Kids from Mama Smiles

DIY Monarch Caterpillar Costume by Happy Deal Happy Day

No-Sew DIY Bird Costume from Fantastic Fun and Learning

DIY Bird Wings craft for kids from Parenting Chaos

Homemade Hoodie Unicorn Costume from Left Brain Craft Brain

Think Outside the Box with these Unique Costume Ideas

If your child wants to stand out and have a costume that’s totally different and unique, try these cool ideas. The creators of these Halloween costumes were definitely thinking outside of the box (and sometimes they even put their kids in a box)!

Want to be totally unique this Halloween? These cool costumes for kids definitely stand out! {}

No Sew Emoji Costumes from Jennifer Priest

Paper Bag “Where the Wild Things Are” Masks from Red Ted Art

Easy Halloween Cardboard Box Costumes (Rubix Cube and X-ray Machine) from Written Reality

Chinese Take-Out Box Halloween Costumes from A Turtle’s Life for Me

No-Sew Carrot Costume for Toddlers from Moms and Crafters

Last-Minute Garden Gnome Halloween Costume Idea from Adventure in a Box

What do you think? Will your kids be able to come up with a favorite from those ideas? I hope so. Good luck!

Just in case you need a few ready-made ideas, here are a few popular options from Amazon that you can purchase with a click and no work.

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great week. Check out more ideas by clicking on the images below.

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  1. Wowwee!! What an amazing resource. You have the best ideas here! Thank you for including our Wild Things Mask!! :-)

  2. These are amazingly awesome! I am so not crafty like this to come up with costumes for my kids I have always bought them. I might have to try a few of these this year though.

  3. So fun! We already bought a costume from the store, but I’ll have to bookmark this for next year!

  4. Lots of cute ideas! I need to make four this year! Not sure which ones I will do.

  5. Cute ideas. I’m not much of a costume maker, more a buyer, haha.

    • There’s definitely nothing wrong with being a buyer, Samantha. Some years I have the time and energy to create, and other years I’m very grateful when the kids find the perfect costume at the store or in the dress up box! (The kids don’t care either way.)

  6. Wow so many cute ideas for Halloween. I really like the Cindy Lou one!

  7. Oh man, I would have saved so much money with this amazing list of DIY costumes if it was here when my son was younger. This is a great collection for all to use! Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks, Mitch. I love to save money and make the kids’ costumes, but I do break down once and a while and buy some. It depends on how busy life is each year (and the craziness of the costume idea).

  8. Wow. What a great collection of Halloween costume ideas. I will have to share this with my cousin who has three young daughters. They all dressed up as Elsa last year. I hope they have gotten over Frozen by now!

  9. Thanks for the great list of DIY costumes! Here in Norway they don’t have many choices so I will have to look through these with the kids to see which ones they would like.

  10. So many cute stockings, and hurrah for Pippy Longstocking. It’s been awhile since I heard of her, thats a fun costume to create.

  11. Wow these costumes truly are creative! I love the bat wing costume, but like Samantha, I’m much more of a buyer.

    • That bat wing costume is really cool. I’m tempted to buy costumes this year myself! (We’ll see what kind of time I have. Not exactly sure I can DIY a Darth Vadar costume! I’m hoping I can talk my daughter out of that one!)

  12. My baby has made me crazy to make a Halloween costume. But I have never tried it, following your ideas I have got an inspiration to make one. Already done one and he is so happy with it!

  13. It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have shared. Next Halloween I definitely try this for my kids. They are crazy about this costumes. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Wow…..! What a great post You are submitted. These costumes truly are creative! I love the bat wing costume, but like Samantha, I’m much more of a buyer. I am trying to follow this costumes for my sons. Hopefully, he enjoyed it.

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