A Big Stretch–Den flashback #2

It’s a well-known fact (well–at least to my immediate family) that I cannot and rarely have been able to touch my toes. I blame it on the fact that I have a short waist and long legs. (That means I have to stretch farther than most people, right? It can’t possibly be blamed on the fact that I am simply out of shape.)

Guess what? I can now touch my toes. Why is that, you ask?   Here’s what I did all day (and I do mean ALL day):

painting the pedestals and drawer fronts

painting the pedestals and drawer fronts

Apparently bending over for five or six hours dramatically increases flexibility (and gives one a very sore back). So, for today at least, I can finally touch my toes!

(That’s three coats of paint on 12 drawers and four pedestals. I’m beat, but really proud!)

*See the doors in the back of the second picture? They are the next part of my project. ( I just have to decide what color to paint them.) I found them at the Habitat for Humanity “Restore It” store. Regular people and contractors donate building stuff–new and used (mostly used) to be sold to profit Habitat for Humanity. I found those 8-foot doors for $15 each–you can’t even get 8 foot hollow doors except by special order. 8 feet + 8 feet (topped with plexiglass) will make the perfect 16 foot desk top for my project! I also found a bunch of cool looking drawer pulls. Did I mention that I am totally excited about this project?

For anyone wondering about painting laminate (the sides of the pedestals are laminate), I did find a way.  First, paint with B I N Primer by Zinsser.  Cover with any paint you want.  (If I remember right, you can cover it with water- or oil-based paint.)

(Thanks to the garage makeover–I’ll post about that someday–our garage is no longer so messy!  Sorry about all the boxes in the background.  That’s what garages are for, right?)

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